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What is Digital Golems?

Digital.Golems is a decentralized gaming universe where anyone can earn crypto values by playing a game, competing with other players or just explore a fantastic world full of secrets and riddles.

We offer users a virtual world in which they can create, gain and monetize their gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain network using the platform's currency Digibytes



NFT token and interactive game characters with random stats


details with which you can craft full-fledged NFT card in the game

Digibytes (DBT)

inner cryptocurrency to buy resources in the game


is a decentralized gaming universe combining NFT and DBT

Players-generated uniqueness

We offer users a virtual world in which they can create, gain and monetize their gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain network using the platform's currency Digibytes. Get unique assets and augmentations from the game and combine them to get unique and playeble NFT card.

Players-generated uniqueness

+ Types of torso (base)

+ Heads

+ Arms

+ Legs

+ Thoracic limbs

+ Hind limbs/wings

+ Horns/antennae

+ Halos

+ Extra details

+ Masks

+ Armor elements

+ Backgrounds

Not every element is available for every series, but considering the available features, we get millions of combinations!

Game Wiki

Your NFT avatar is not just a picture, but literally a real pass into the game universe. It gives you the opportunity to travel all over the world and gives the owner access to in-game goods and resources.

Your DIG is BIG!


Each Golem is a unique multi-layered object


Log in to the game from both a computer and a mobile device

Full rights

Each Golem owner has a license recorded in the blockchain

Handmade artwork

Every element of the assets was drawn by the painstaking artist

Avatar Abilities

Each Golem is also an active element of the game with unique stats

Secondary markets

NFT Golems are available for purchase and sale at third-party auctions

Digital property

Game items can be tokenified and traded on the markets

Secure ownership

Using of blockchain minimized risks of fraud with digital property


Players can use assets and game elements in other applications


Each NFT is created not only by using AI software, but players themselves


Digital.Golems is an actively growing community of crypto enthusiasts


We follow our development roadmap by specific points by order of priority

Free-type economy

The cost of services and goods in the world depends on the available supply

Decentralized world

We create game world without centralization

Beta access

All holders of NFT will be invited to the open beta testing of the game


Regular open and closed giveaways of free tokens to all DIG NFT holders


Only the owners of DIG NET can do stacking and make profit from it

Growing market

The number of participants in the game is growing and will continue to grow rapidly

Financial relevance

Players can receive income for their participation in the game

User support

As gamers, we value the community feedback most of all

How to get Digital.Golems

To purchase Digital.Golems join the whitelist of the project


  • Ticker: DIG
  • Contract: Will be published near the time of sale
  • Total: 10,000
  • Purchase method = Whitelist
  • Total for sale = 1000 DIG (10% of the total)
  • Price for 1 DIG = 0.3 ETH
  • Min purchase = 1 DIG
  • Number of DIGs for sale = Limited
  • White-listed addresses = 1000
  • Purchase method = Direct purchase
  • Total for sale = Will be specified near the time of sale
  • Price for 1 DIG = 0.5 ETH
  • Min purchase = 1 DIG
  • Number of DIGs for sale = Limited
  • Manual end of sale = If the team thinks there is too much, the sale will be manually terminated
  • Purchase method = Direct purchase
  • Total for sale = Will be specified near the time of sale
  • Price for 1 DIG = 0.9 ETH
  • Min purchase = 1 DIG
  • Number of DIGs for sale = Limited


  • Ticker: DBT
  • Contract: Will be published near the time of sale
  • Total 500,000,000
  • Purchase Method = Whitelist
  • Total for sale = To be specified near the start of DBT sale
  • Price for 1 DBT = 0,03 $
  • Min purchase = 1 DBT
  • Number of DBTs for sale = 500 000 DBT
  • Total for sale = Will be specified near the start of DBT sale
  • Price for 1 DBT = 0,05 $
  • Min purchase = 1 DBT
  • Number of DBTs for sale = Limited
  • Purchase method = IDO platforms

Set up your wallet to get Digital.Golems

Once you've set up your wallet of choice, connect it to OpenSea by clicking the NFT Marketplace in the top right corner. Learn about the wallets we support.

More about Tokenomics

Earn DIG NFT in Game

Digital.Golems User Behavior Scenario
  1. The user receives NFT (through purchase or drawing) and enters the game using NFT as a key and as their Avatar
  2. Buys the goods that necessary to start the session in the game in the in-game store
  3. During the session, they get additional goods (resources and items), as well as assets
  4. From enough assets, a user in the laboratory can create a new Golem (the creation of a Golem is part of the NFT emission and is considered in their total balance)

Parity rating

We have launched 7 series of Golems (the list is given as the degree of uniqueness)

0 (zero)

According to the story: Before blackout, the oldest Golems models, only 100 of them can be found on map in the form of skeletons.


  • Skeleton-like types of Golems
  • +/- Burning / Smoking eyes

1st generation

According to the story: after the Signal and the first connections to the auto-workshops.


  • Humanoid models

2nd generation

According to the story: damaged humanoid Golems restored with the help of robotic augmentations.


  • Humanoid models
  • + Armor
  • + Masks

3rd generation

According to the story: Golems additionally equipped with armor for passing especially hostile environments.


  • Humanoid models
  • + Robotic augmentations

New generations
can be created in the game by the players themselves

According to the story: Was made after the start of the "Klondike" and the discovery of the Quantum Gel (the first absorptions of the fauna)


  • Models combined from other life forms and species
  • +/- Additional limbs on chest
  • +/- Details on the head (extra eyes, antennas, horns)

Lost models

According to the story: a group of golems from those that were considered missing, after absorbing a sufficient amount of Frorium, the details of which crystallized into gold and received a glow above their heads.


  • Humanoid and Models combined from other lifeforms
  • +/- Hind limbs/Wings


According to the story: Golems infected with "bloom" and do not obeys pilots' or any commands.


  • Humanoid models made of gold
  • +/- Any elements of gold

+/- means that this part may be included in the set of a specific card, or maybe not

* Cards from the New Generation are not only available for purchase, but also can be created from assets purchased or collected in game itself.

** An Image-card (NFT) is a character that user plays, consists of image file glued together from several layers, forming an image of a monster with different limbs. Each layer is an asset that players receive for capturing Psychospheres. The Image-card is conditionally placed in the "module" in which the player moves on landscape. There can be several Image-cards and each can have its own properties.

*** In each series, it is immediately indicated what number and type of certain elements are used in it. Given this data, you will be able to determine the uniqueness of the object. There are no items presented in less than 5.

**** Whatever your Golem is - it is a unique object with different characteristics that affect both the price and the possibilities in the game. Some Golems are rarer than others are, because they either are released in a private drop or are only available in the game.

***** A certain percent of Golems will not be put on sale. They will be distributed free of charge to community members for certain achievements in and out of the game.

Get NFT from unique series


We have a powerful product roadmap ahead and the best team to implement a clear vision for creating an original virtual world gaming platform where players can create own and monetize their gaming experience

  1. Season 1
    • Idea evaluation
    • Study
    • Attraction of advisers
    • Planning
    • Building a team
  2. Season 2
    • Website creation
    • Creation of NFT cards
    • Preparation of technical documentation
  3. Season 3
    • Launch of social media channels
    • Website launch
    • Opening the white-paper
    • Development of smart-contracts
    • Smart-contracts audit
    • Attracting partners
  4. Season 4
    • Fundraising
    • Listing on CoinMarketCap
    • Listing on CoinGecko
    • IDO Open Sale for Digibytes
    • Solidity Finance audit
  5. Season 5
    • Listing on PancakeSwap
    • NFT lottery program
    • Game development
  6. Season 6
    • Marketing company
    • Selling NFTs in the Secondary Markets
    • Initial quality control and testing of the game
  7. Season 7
    • Development, audit and launch of your own NFT marketplace
    • Alpha game release
  8. Season 8
    • Game upgrade
    • Development of AR version of game
    • Creation of SDK and API
    • Implementation project in MetaVerse


We are a multicultural team of crypto enthusiasts and practicing IT specialists with many years of experience in creating startups and computer games.

Each of us is a dreamer who wants to recreate a new reality in the world of Digital.Golems. We can't live without achieving more and more new goals, and now it's crypto economics and game design. Our extensive experience in the gaming industry, experience in product development, starting with design and ending with the final stages of testing, helps us in this.

We are actively working to expand our team of professionals in the field of games, communications, design and marketing.

Today we have outstanding resources and have an impeccable reputation. Our team has a long-term vision, a clear understanding of what heights the game can reach. Our specialists can make reliable forecasts, as they have experience in creating successful projects based on blockchain technology and have also worked in the best financial and consulting organizations. Digital.Golems is not a game made by single person. This is the result of the work of many talented specialists who have worked through the universe of Golems to the smallest detail. You can chat with the founders on our Discord and Twitter.

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