Digital.Golems is a decentralized gaming universe where anyone can earn crypto-values by playing a game.

Each player can control their own Golem character and get new NFT Golems with unique looks and game characteristics during the game. Gamers can buy or sell their NFT cards at third-party auctions.

The story


Welcome to the year 2153. The earth is in economic and social decline. After the failure of the technology to renew fossil resources by dragging them from the coherent layers of the realities of the past, humans rushed into the depths of space, sending expedition arks to the nearest planets and satellites.

The crew of the first arks consisted mainly of scientists of applied sciences. One of these ships was a giant named "Sirius", which successfully landed and created a research base on a planet named Nighterra - a cold satellite in one of the starless systems, on the surface of which reigned eternal darkness. However, after some time, the Sirius team stopped contacting their owners, the Centauri Corporation, which considered the further exploration of Nighterra and the rescue operation an economically unprofitable action, writing off the Sirius mission to the company's losses. Later, this long-term silence from Nighterra will be called a "blackout".


Many years later there occurred an event that changed both the position of Centauri in the market of geological exploration of space objects, and the attitude to space research. This event was the receiption of a signal from Nighterra, in which were encrypted instructions for the organization of stable intercosmic communication channels with automated systems remaining on the surface of the planet. The signal was sent to all communication devices on earth at once. Centauri could not hide and confer this knowledge, which promised incredible discoveries for humanity. Many enthusiasts called this signal an "invitation" and predicted the beginning of a new gold rush with a klondike of cosmic proportions, but skeptics believed that all this was one big trap and people should not participate in it, but as it usually happens in history - gold shines brighter than any bright mind.


Although the author of the message was never identified, people were convinced that the information in the "invitation" was true, and after test connections, Centauri workers began to connect to an increasing number of automated autofactories, in whose warehouses biomechanical search engines called Golems were already stored.

These were the first generation of Golems - humanoid robots with a strong body made of adaptive materials that protects them from the aggressive environment of a distant planet and equipped with devices for sampling and studying various biomes. A distinctive feature of golems was their physiological learning ability. The psychoactive gel from which were made the Golem's muscular systems was able to absorb and interpret in its favor almost any material or technology with which it came into contact.

* Golems were banned on earth because of their genetic plasticity and, for safety reasons, were produced only on distant planets.

They were trained at the level of the limbic system, but they were actively controlled only by human operators. The first foray of the Golems was carried out via a new communication channel from earth. And the response time wasn’t different from the operator's work in the immediate proximity of the module. Further exploration of the territory adjacent to the autofactories did not clarify the fate of both the Sirius spacecraft and its crew, however, during these missions, were discovered resources that had not previously been declared in the space fossil catalog.

The technologies used in the exploration and development of resources were divided into 2 types: Human (those that people invented on earth) and "Distant" (those that were obtained as a result of exploring distant worlds, including Nighterra).

The information carrier in both cases was a code that people either sent to Nighterra or received it from Golems.

Try to generate the code

The code from the golems was not structured and was illogical, and in the visualizer, it resembled a radial geometric pattern. However, using the pattern from the first signal, the Proxima workers managed to decipher it and use it on earth to improve existing technologies and create completely new ones. Humanity embarked on the rails of the so-called "Progress 2" and Proxima soon began to sell licenses for open communication channels with Nighterra in a new market. So that everyone with a sufficient level of knowledge and resources could participate in the exploration of the world of endless night and become part of a new renaissance of humanity.


One of the most important resources that people managed to decipher from the code was the "quantum gel" or "Flaurum", which, when in contact with any computer system, changed it both at the engineering and atomic level, increasing the speed of computer technology in thousands of times.

Receiving more and more new information from Golems on the planet, people discovered a "blind spot" in the information field of the planet and then based on Human technologies improved with quantum gel, made the first prototypes of radars that allowed them to see what was hidden in parallel layers of the reality of Nighterra. It turned out later that on the surface of the planet, life and similar forms evolved in parallel, existing in adjacent layers and wave spheres of the planet. In one of these spheres, objects moving along a sporadic trajectory, first called "phantoms", were captured using radars. It took a lot of time when people could not understand how to interact with phantoms. However, after discovering a unique resource on the planet itself, they could create traps in which they could catch those phantoms. After a long study of the captured phantoms, it was decided to rename them "Psychospheres", because the code deciphered in them most resembled a cast of a creature with interspersed patterns like the DNA code, and most of all resembled the patterns of behavior used in the automation of Golems. The operators were even more surprised that the Golems turned out to be 100% compatible with the code obtained from the psychospheres, which allowed both improving Golems and creating new generations from scratch that could cope heavy work and were more adapted to the environments of the planet.

The more territories the operators discovered with the help of Golems in search modules, the more secrets and incredible finds were presented to them by Nighterra as a place of saving knowledge for humanity. However, humanity needs to be ready for whatever comes, because the planet is not very known and behind the brilliance of scientific wealth, you cannot see the impending catastrophe.

More story in Game wiki

Game mechanics

DIG is an interactive game with elements of exploration, survival, crafting and fighting. Each DIG card is a part of the game universe. DIG mechanics reward each player based on their efforts and skills in the game.

On the map

The map is a multi-layered surface with a landscape divided into sectors, each consisting of a grid of hexes.

Exploring mechanics


Catching Psychospheres mechanics

Catching Psychospheres

Searching for new autofactories mechanics

Searching for new autofactories

Collective construction mechanics

Collective construction

Rent of hunting grounds mechanics

Rent of hunting grounds

Social activities (Signals) mechanics

Social activities (Signals)

Privatization and Protection of objects mechanics

Privatization and Protection of objects

Hacking objects on the map mechanics

Hacking objects on the map

Looting of automodules mechanics

Looting of automodules

Module repair mechanics

Module repair

PVP Duels mechanics

PVP Duels

PVP Duels mechanics

Gathering resources


A place where player Combining - mixing DNA codes from psychospheres and receive (or not) new Golems (NFT).

Making new Golems from assets mechanics

Making new Golems from assets

Preservation mechanics


Feeding Golems mechanics

Feeding Golems

More about Mechanics in Game wiki

Game engine

The project uses the Mono version of the Godot game engine, all the code in the project is written in C#.

The hexagonal grid is generated automatically with pre-set parameters.

The spheres move in a chaotic order, choosing a random hex and flying towards it, after approaching a certain distance - the sphere chooses the next random hex, this happens until the sphere is caught.

Traps are placed in the hex under the player, the delay and cooldown of traps can be dynamically changed.

The character moves with the help of kinematics, the work of which is performed by Godot. The direction of the character's movement depends on the camera, the "front" of the character is where the camera is looking.

Interpolation is used for camera and player movement.

Spheres are caught when the sphere collides with the trap, both use one collision layer dedicated only to them.

The game supports different types of input (touchscreen / gamepad / keyboard).

For the network part, a PC with a domain and a certificate is used, the server is written in C # using Fleck, the client uses the standard WebSocketClient class.

For rendering, positioning, importing models and other things standard for the framework - the Godot is responsible.

Final specs to be finalized by game launch

Economy in the game

  1. The user receives NFT (through purchase or drawing)
  2. Enters the game using NFT as a key and as their Avatar
  3. Buys the goods that necessary to start the session in the game in the in-game store
  4. During the session, they get additional goods (resources and items), as well as assets
  5. From enough assets, a user in the laboratory can create a new Golem (the creation of a Golem is part of the NFT emission and is considered in their total balance)

More details in Game wiki

Multi-layer map

Visually, the map is a multi-layer plane with interactive and static objects. By default, the user moves on the surface (level 0)

Map levels

  • -2 - Deep caves, bottom of canyons, reservoirs
  • -1 - Shallow caves, bone-shaped psychosphere caves, craters, ditches and ruts, swamp
  • 0 - Planet surface (divided into biomes)
  • 1 - Small hills, small buildings and industrial facilities, rocky islands in the desert
  • 2 - Large hills
  • 3 - Mountains (impassable)

Map limitations - if the module goes beyond the map, then the module is desynchronized with the pilot.

Features of the Map mechanics

  • By default, the entire map is hidden by darkness
  • Unlocked areas are displayed on the radar, but not on the play area
  • The play area opens only in the light of the module's flashlight
  • All users have one common card
  • The landscape of the map is generated automatically as new sections of the map are opened, while regardless of who opened this section, it is recorded in the general map for all users
  • The map is generated from predefined png or 3D elements, while it should be possible to add new elements when part of the map is already open
  • Depending on the biome, its land is a certain " Substrate (soil)" that is used to create new cards in the Laboratory

Map details in Game wiki

Game store

Game Items

Means necessary or increasing the chances in the hunt for psychospheres and available in the game store.

  • Traps
  • Snares
  • Compass
  • Environment Detector
  • Baits (beacons)
  • Terraforming emitters
  • Boosters
  • Repair kits
  • Torches

Items in Game wiki


A set of chips programmed with specific abilities.

  • Telekinetics
  • IHTIO transformation
  • ORNIO transformation
  • Hacker (level 1)
  • Heavyator
  • Impulse (level 1)
  • Impulse (level 2)
  • Meteodrone
  • Vibration shock
  • Increase in the hold

Augmentation in Game wiki

Discounts in the store

We plan to reward our players with regular promotions and discounts in the game store, timed to coincide with the holidays and project events.

Subscribe to channels of the project to stay tune with news and current discounts!

Starter kits

Kits available in the store, which immediately contain the necessary minimum to start the hunt. Includes:


Batteries for for a flashlight and other equipment

Traps and snares

Items for catching psychospheres

Substratum (soil)

Material for combining assets and creating Golems

Starter kits are sold with a 20% discount on the amount of their constituent items


The cosmic distances to Nighterra don’t allow receiving physical cargo from it, but instead this unexplored planet is a source of a more valuable resource - knowledge. Knowledge is obtained by earthlings through a signal from Nighterra in the form of a program code. The carrier of the code from Nighterra is the Psychosphere

Resources on the map



is food for Golems, that restoring their original characteristics. Extracted by finding a cacoons in web of Fangfoots and nocking down them with the module as it moves.



is a nanomaterial from which Golems are built. It is present as impurities in different biomes, mostly in black soil. It is extracted by excavation (soil development) by clicking on a specific button on the game page.

Flaurum (Quantum Gel)

Flaurum (Quantum Gel)

is a precious mineral that is used to increase the performance of computers. "Growing" in complete darkness and the atmosphere of the planet.



are cells with an electric charge used for the operation of lanterns and other activities. They can be found in ruins and remnants of old equipment.

LORE details in Game wiki