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Digital.Golems is a decentralized gaming universe where anyone can earn crypto values by playing a game, competing with other players or just explore a fantastic world full of secrets and riddles.

Project structure:

  • DIG - NFT token and interactive game characters with random characteristics
  • Digibytes - cryptocurrency using which resources are bought in the game
  • Digital.Golems - is a decentralized gaming universe combining token and cryptocurrency
  • Assets - details with which you can assemble a full-fledged NFT card in the game


DIG NFT golems are interactive heroes with random characteristics determined using artificial intelligence.


The ERC-721 contract is used to develop each NFT Digital.Golems. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and supports IPFS storage.


Digital.Golems is a game where people spend time to have fun and earn real bonuses for their activity.

Introduction to Digital.Golems

What is Digital.Golems?

Digital.Golems is a game world whose mechanics allow you to earn cryptocurrency using all the possibilities of the blockchain. Here you can explore a huge world that is full of valuable resources, participate in exciting hunting and intense PVP battles.

Your NFT avatar is not just a picture, but literally a real pass into the game universe. It gives you the opportunity to travel all over the world and gives the owner access to in-game goods and resources.

Prerequisites for creation

The idea for DIG set in in February 2021, where the initial goal was to create a game in which each player is a full-fledged owner of real digital assets available in the project system. We saw the huge potential of the Digital.Golems game due to the low entry threshold compared to similar crypto projects. We made sure that at the start, the cost of DIG NFT and the Digibytes altcoin was acceptable to most crypto enthusiasts.

Market overview

  • The global gaming market is expected to reach 171.96 billion US dollars by 2025;
  • The mobile segment, being the part of the Digital.Golems platform, according to experts' forecasts (due to the growing spread of smartphones among the population around the world), will gather momentum and increase the annual growth rate (CAGR) by 7.3%;
  • The online segment is projected to show significant growth over the next eight years, growing by 8.6% between 2020 and 2025. This is due to the growing penetration of broadband Internet access and the growing number of online betting, gambling and social media games;
  • It is also expected that the Asia-Pacific market will expand and increase, and by 2025 will reach a market size of 86.84 billion US dollars. Developing countries such as China, India and South Korea offer favorable conditions for growth, which can be explained by the high population and the introduction of smartphones and the Internet in these countries.

Since Digital.Golems is a browser-based game, we offer a unique opportunity to play both on PC/Mac and on mobile platforms, as this will significantly increase the opportunity to earn and enhance the gaming experience in the growing UGC games market.

Problems to be solved

With further immersion in the planning and development of NFT, we identified a number of problems in the industry and thought out ways to solve them:

  • 1) Pay To Win is a typical problem for MMORPG universes. Veterans lose to richer players with less skills, which leads to a rapid increase in inequality between players with different incomes.
    In Digital.Golems, this problem is solved by the presence of serial Golems, while some series are only available by farming in the game.
  • 2) Overpopulation with pets / characters in the absence of a proper balancing mechanism, which further leads to a collapse of liquidity.
    We have thought out the LORE and the population of the game world in as much detail as possible. There are no elements and NPCs that are not involved in the project economy in one way or another.
  • 3) The lack of a hierarchy of players does not allow players to compete with other players who have the same range of capabilities.
    To solve this problem, we introduced differences in the characteristics of each token used in the game as the main character.

Please refer to our wiki page with the description of the game to learn more about it.

  • Farm assets to create your own NFT
  • Combine resources obtained in the game in your Laboratory to create unique Golems
  • Take part in PVP duels and "knock out" assets from opponents for your new Golems
  • Rent game zones for more productive mining of Golem assets

DIG mission

We want to make online-finance understandable and accessible to everyone!

In our opinion, gamification will help to facilitate the introduction of blockchain technology in most markets. We are working to bring the best of gaming to finance.

Vision of DIG

  • Make blockchain games an exciting and inspiring reality
  • Improve blockchain solutions and gaming technologies
  • Create a virtual world filled with a lively community and creative art
  • Accelerate the implementation of universal basic income



Each Golem is a unique multi-layered object.


The ability to log in to the game from both a computer and a mobile device.

Full rights

Each Golem owner has a license recorded in the blockchain and full rights to a unique NFT avatar.

Guaranteed handmade work

Every element of the assets was drawn by the painstaking artist.


Digital.Golems is an actively growing community of crypto enthusiasts.

A thoughtful plan

We have thought through and follow the points spelled out in our development roadmap.

Avatar Abilities

Each Golem is not just an art object, but also an active element of the game with its own unique characteristics.

Has a secondary market

The universal stack of NFT Golems makes them available for purchase and sale at third-party auctions.

Digital property

Thanks to the blockchain, every game item can be tokenized, which allows gamers to decide how they want to exchange, sell or donate their items.

Tokenization of game items

Digital game items can be easily tokenified and traded on the primary and secondary markets, which are managed and supported by blockchain technology.

Secure ownership

Items based on scarcity and demand usually involve fraud and theft, but in blockchain, these risks are minimized because it is a distributed registry of information.

Cross-platform application

Blockchain enables games to use assets and game elements in other games and related applications.


Each NFT is created not only by using software, but also created by the players themselves. Thanks to this, DIG can be called the only token with a hybrid uniqueness generation system.


Digital.Golems is a much broader and more versatile project than the classic NFT ecosystem. Here our childhood dreams of creating a unique world without centralization, where we can play and earn money at the same time, come true.

Artistic value

Each Golem is a unique development. It is created with the involvement of artists with extensive experience. NFT is done by superimposing previously created assets on several types of bases.

Financial relevance

Each player can receive income for their participation in the Digital.Golems game. Users will be rewarded for their time in the ecosystem and for their loyalty to the game.

Growing market

The number of participants in the game, and, consequently, the economy of Digital.Golems is growing and will continue to grow rapidly over the coming months and years.

Business Platform

As the number of project participants increases, the number of affiliated companies ready to become part of this virtual system through integration tools (API and SDK) will also increase.

Market value growth

The development of the ecosystem and the growing popularity of the project is also an increase in the price of each token on the secondary market.


Only the owners of DIG NET can do stacking and make profit from it.


Regular open and closed giveaways give all DIG NFT holders a chance to receive free tokens.

Future Golem Series

DIG owners get unlimited access to all the mechanics of the game, including their own laboratory for creating golems. All Golems created by players are a separate series of NFT, which cannot be obtained anywhere except in the game.

Exclusive products

DIG owners will be able to receive an exclusive merch at any time. It will be provided by partner companies. The full list can be found on our social accounts.

Access to the beta version of the game

All holders of NFT certificates will be invited to the first open beta testing of the game.

User support

As gamers, we understand how difficult it is to get help from developers when faced with difficulties in the game or your account. Therefore, the creation of round-the-clock support for players has become a priority for us. We are aware that there may be a crazy load of obligations, but we value the community most of all.

Decentralized world

A game world without centralization.

Free-type market economy

The cost of services and goods in the world depends on the intensity of demand and available supply. This is due to the final issue of Digibytes - coins in the Golem economy.

By participating in the Digital.Golems project, you become part of one of the most progressive NFT projects.


Creating our NFT collection, we took inspiration from the famous works of the scientific companies and pop culture. Among them are the Dune universe, Vangers, Inside and Darkwood games. As mentioned above, each avatar is a unique object. It is created at the software level taking into account a large number of characteristics. For example, the torso of a Golem, its limbs, armor, additional features, backgrounds, and so on are taken into account. Each avatar contains elements that our artists create considering the game universe and LORE.

  • 20+ Types of torso (base)
  • 50+ Heads
  • 50+ Arms
  • 50+ Legs
  • 10+ Thoracic limbs
  • 10+ Hind limbs/wings
  • 30+ Horns/antennae
  • 30+ Halos
  • 50+ Extra details (burning/smoking eyes/body and equipment details)
  • 50+ Masks
  • 70+ Armor elements
  • 50+ Backgrounds

Not every element is available for every series, but considering the available features, we get millions of combinations!

Parameters of each asset (in one NFT may be a different number of assets depending on the series)

  • Name of the species (human / insectoid, etc.)
  • Body / image part (arm / leg, etc.)
  • Number (in order)
  • Index of rarity (1-5)
  • Number of the layer in the picture
* this is not a final list as there may be more details and types. When minting, the assets are not registered (since they will already be in the picture), they will be registered in the json file, which will be on ipfs. when minting, only a link to this json is indicated.

Combining assets

The combination of assets occurs automatically based on the blockchain.

  1. The player sends a request (clicks on the combine button) to combine his assets,
  2. The contract looks for its assets, and randomly determines whether it was combined or not (purchase of chances is provided),
  3. If the combination was successful, then to player shows button to make this picture from the assets, the data of which will be issued by the contract, on the server,
  4. Then, as the picture was made and uploaded to ipfs, the "Mint nft" button appears, then the generated link to ipfs is indicated and the user is awarded DIG NFT

The characteristics of the assets that affect the NFT indicators in the game are randomized, because when you create your Golem in the laboratory from assets, it is generated from random values. This is a lottery, so that if something worthwhile fails, users have the motivation to continue.

* for 2 series: gold and elemental, it remains possible to specify parameters for each card separately by administrator, since they will be distributed / sold to elite buyers, and we can affix characteristics of NFT upon their order.

You are artists too!

Get unique features for your Golems, combine them from those found in the game and create unique types of NFT.

Parity rating

We have launched 7 series of Golems (the list is given as the degree of uniqueness)

0 (zero)

According to the story: Before blackout, the oldest Golems models, only 100 of them can be found on map in the form of skeletons.


  • Skeleton-like types of Golems
  • +/- Burning / Smoking eyes

1st generation

According to the story: after the Signal and the first connections to the auto-workshops.


  • Humanoid models

2nd generation

According to the story: damaged humanoid Golems restored with the help of robotic augmentations.


  • Humanoid models
  • + Armor
  • + Masks

3rd generation

According to the story: Golems additionally equipped with armor for passing especially hostile environments.


  • Humanoid models
  • + Robotic augmentations

New generations
can be created in the game by the players themselves

According to the story: Was made after the start of the "Klondike" and the discovery of the Quantum Gel (the first absorptions of the fauna)


  • Models combined from other life forms and species
  • +/- Additional limbs on chest
  • +/- Details on the head (extra eyes, antennas, horns)

Lost models

According to the story: a group of golems from those that were considered missing, after absorbing a sufficient amount of Frorium, the details of which crystallized into gold and received a glow above their heads.


  • Humanoid and Models combined from other lifeforms
  • +/- Hind limbs/Wings


According to the story: Golems infected with "bloom" and do not obeys pilots' or any commands.


  • Humanoid models made of gold
  • +/- Any elements of gold

+/- means that this part may be included in the set of a specific card, or maybe not

* Cards from the New Generation are not only available for purchase, but also can be created from assets purchased or collected in game itself.

** An Image-card (NFT) is a character that user plays, consists of image file glued together from several layers, forming an image of a monster with different limbs. Each layer is an asset that players receive for capturing Psychospheres. The Image-card is conditionally placed in the "module" in which the player moves on landscape. There can be several Image-cards and each can have its own properties.

*** In each series, it is immediately indicated what number and type of certain elements are used in it. Given this data, you will be able to determine the uniqueness of the object. There are no items presented in less than 5.

**** Whatever your Golem is - it is a unique object with different characteristics that affect both the price and the possibilities in the game. Some Golems are rarer than others are, because they either are released in a private drop or are only available in the game.

***** A certain percent of Golems will not be put on sale. They will be distributed free of charge to community members for certain achievements in and out of the game.

Get NFT from unique series

Project economics

We are excited about the opportunity to create new types of business models with a player-oriented economy, both in terms of revenue model and token model.

Revenue streams:

  • Sale of DIG NFT
  • Sale of in-game items and resources
  • Commission for transactions of altcoin Digibytes

Expenditure streams:

  • Increase in the development team and infrastructure for the gaming platform - 45%.
  • Marketing - 45%
  • Security, legal and compliance expenses - 7%
  • General and administrative expenses - 3%

DIG investors include, but are not limited by:

  • Traditional venture capital
  • Cryptocurrency investors
  • Gaming companies
  • Gamers
  • Techno enthusiasts
  • Regular users

As the community grows, the need for the Digibytes altcoin service will grow to reward the growing number of stakeholders involved in the operation of the platform.

Although the total number of Digibytes is fixed, the initial number of Digibytes will be limited to enhance the scarcity effect.

The key success factors in creating an ecosystem are ensuring the organic growth of the community, investing in the value proposition offered by the project, and ensuring customer satisfaction. To ensure the gradual growth of the community and its model, we have identified key variables that will be measured and stimulated through marketing, advertising and communication tactics to ensure the growth of the ecosystem.


Digital.Golems is a platform that combines a virtual game with the reality of the market. In the past, game assets owned by players were not property and carried no intrinsic value in the real world. Often, the completion of the gameplay leads to the loss of all the time and money invested by the players. Even valuable in-game items, once coveted by players, lose their value after its completion, since the existence of game assets does not continue outside the game.

The invention of the NFT standard will allow buyers to retain ownership of their original assets and will make it possible to monetize virtual assets in the real world. Consequently, the main in–game assets will be tokenized, and buyers will retain full ownership of the items and independent rights to sell, which will not be monopolized by the game developer. Thus, the funds and labor invested by players and artists will forever materialize in the real market. With the establishment of legitimate assets, funds and fees, a self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystem is created, and game assets will have a price suitable for use and collecting or speculation.

NFT token DIG

The segment of games based on blockchain technologies is rapidly developing. However, decentralized applications are still in short supply. Ethereum was one of the first to show the characteristics that are needed for the prosperity of big gaming projects. That is why Ethereum blockchain network has become a center for creating progressive products based on blockchain technologies. There were a lot of game projects. Though not so many became unique.

In our opinion, when it comes to blockchain, creativity should go hand in hand with technological progress. That is why we have engaged leading developers in the field of web3 and Ethereum blockchain network.

Token specifications

  • Ticker: DIG
  • Token Contract Address: Will be published near the time of sale
  • Total: 10,000 DIG

How to get DIG NFT

NFT will be sold through Whitelist

Do not miss your chance! The number of places is limited!

To get into the Whitelist, you just need to fill out the form in the Social widget from gleam.io and complete the actual task of the project (repost, sharing, etc.)

We plan to sell DIG NFT in 3 stages:

NFT Private Sale

  • Purchase method = Whitelist
  • Total for sale = 1000 DIG (10% of the total)
  • Price for 1 DIG = 0.3 ETH
  • Min purchase = 1 DIG
  • Number of DIGs for sale = Limited
  • White-listed addresses = 1000

Join the Digital.Golems Whitelist!

Only whitelisted addresses can participate in pre-sales, lotteries and raffles of entire NFT cards.

* Basic KYC required when whitelisting

NFT Public Sale 1

  • Purchase method = Direct purchase
  • Total for sale = Will be specified near the time of sale
  • Price for 1 DIG = 0.5 ETH
  • Min purchase = 1 DIG
  • Number of DIGs for sale = Limited
  • Manual end of sale = If the team thinks there is too much, the sale will be manually terminated

NFT Public Sale 2

  • Purchase method = Direct purchase
  • Total for sale = Will be specified near the time of sale
  • Price for 1 DIG = 0.9 ETH
  • Min purchase = 1 DIG
  • Number of DIGs for sale = Limited

Other ways to get DIG NFT


Be active and get NFTs for free!

  • Share posts and publications of the project and about the project.
  • Participate in discussions in channels and project groups.
  • Participate in the moderation of groups and channels in your native language.
  • Bring new members and get real bonuses!
  • Create thematic materials for publication in the project channels.
  • Translate promotional materials and project documentation.

At the end of the week, we watch the most active person and send them NFTs.

Staking DBT

Every investor has the opportunity to receive a DIG NFT when purchasing a DBT.

For a hold of coins equal to $5000 or more at the time of purchase, we give 1 NFT per month.

At different times, these will be NFTs of different series of Golems, ranging from rare to more common, so be sure to join the community of DBT holders to get the highest chances for a rare token.

Rent NFT

Every member of the community can rent or lease a DIG NFT. With the help of a rented NFT, you can get into the game and become a full-fledged participant in it. The only limitation of the rented DIG NFT in the game is time. The period for which NFT is leased directly depends on the price of this transaction between users.

* The administration of the project is not engaged in renting DIG NFT, this can only be done by their holders.


One of the main types of obtaining DIG tokens is to create them using assets obtained in the game.

The pharming system, in our opinion, will become a very attractive DeFi tool, as well as allow us to provide partners with even more comfortable conditions.

Internal Marketplace

In one of the next stages in the development of the Digital.Golems ecosystem, a market will be created where anyone can buy or sell DIG NFT with a minimum commission.

The setting of a price by the owners of tokens on the internal marketplace of the project allows you to create your own economic strategy and get the highest profit with a minimum commission.

* The market will be developed in the first stages with funds from business angels and foundations.

Secondary markets

All DIG NFTs will be available for speculation in the secondary markets. In particular, in our smart-contract, we provided for swapping tokens on the DEX.

Challenges in the game

In the 3rd phase of the game development, we plan to introduce activities in the form of regular challenges.

Once a week, the project team will publish tasks on the official social channels, as a result of the passage of which players will receive NFT.

The winners in the challenge are 3 players who were the first to complete the task.

Prizes for completing challenges will be:

  • 1st place - NFT
  • 2nd place - Starter set from the game
  • 3rd place - Membership in the white list for the next lottery
* exact prizes will be specified near the start of challenges


The game has a rating system in which users can receive real bonuses for TOP places. The rating is formed based on the sum of user activities, as well as for completing game challenges.

Rewards differ depending on the activity and season of the competition.

Gain services

The game provides a scholarship system, which is a referral link that gives limited access to a character/module/drone so that the Gain-master can upgrade someone else's character for in-game currency or contractual items.

It is part of the bulletin board functionality where users give quests to each other.

  1. The customer exposes his character
  2. Specify the level to which he needs to upgrade, the branch in which to gain and the allotted time
  3. Gain-master offers his services
  4. The customer agrees to this candidate or not
  5. After all conditions done the Gain-master receives a reward

Special conditions

As part of the marketing campaign, we will attract influencers and advisers with payment in the form of DIG NFT.

If you work in the crypto industry and you have an audience that will be interested in the Digital.Golems project, then you have a real chance to get an NFT from 2 of the rarest series of Golems:

  • Elemental NFTs for Advisors
  • Golden Golems - for bloggers and influencers

If we have not contacted you earlier, you can write to us in the communication channels and social. networks, we consider all applications. Join us!

Inner altcoin Digibytes

  • Ticker: DBT
  • Total 500,000,000

Spreading of DBT

  • Investors 10%
  • IDO 5%
  • Advisors 15%
  • Marketing 20% (payment in coins and NFT to thematic bloggers and content makers)
  • Team 20%
  • Economic fund 25%
  • Launchpad 5%
* Pricing will depend on the stage of distribution

Digibytes is an altcoin and in-game currency built into the Digital.Golems economy.

Digibytes are an important part of the Digital.Golems platform, and we are working to create key mechanisms that will make them inextricably linked to the platform and its value. Digibytes is a ETH-20 utility token created on the Ethereum blockchain network, which serves as the basis for transactions within Digital.Golems and for which players buy in-game items and assets for Golems.

DBT is part of the Staking mechanism. Digibytes allows staking, which allows DIG NFT holders to receive passive income.

How to get DBT

We plan to sell DBT in 2 stages:

DBT Private Sale

* For investment funds and business angels
  • Total for sale = To be specified near the start of DBT sale
  • Price for 1 DBT = 0,03 $
  • Min purchase = 1 DBT
  • Number of DBTs for sale = 500 000 DBT
  • Purchase Method = Whitelist


We are aimed at attracting not speculators, but real investors who understand the true value of an asset on the crypto market. And in order to prevent the collapse of the Digibytes rate by speculators immediately after the release of coins, we intend to implement an algorithm for freezing the purchased asset (ban for sale) in tokenomics for a certain period.

After the purchase, Digibytes are not available for sale for 6 months, and will be unfrozen for the next 3 months according to the schedule: 30/30/40

* does not apply to NFT * The administration can also indicate the batch to which this freeze applies.

DBT will be sold through Whitelist

Do not miss your chance! The number of places is limited!

To get into the Whitelist, you just need to fill out the form in the Social widget from gleam.io and complete the actual task of the project (repost, sharing, etc.)

DBT Public Sale

  • Total for sale = To be specified near the start of DBT sale
  • Price for 1 DBT = 0,05 $
  • Min purchase = 1 DBT
  • Number of DBTs for sale = Limited
  • Purchase method = IDO platforms


We minimize the risk of security breaches on our backend by reducing the liability of hot wallets that are used only for referrals and whitelists.

The remaining wallets are cold storage wallets, which are responsible for updating the platform with new contracts and new parameters. In the future, they can become a part of the management mechanism.

For these cold wallets, we use a multi-signature wallet 2 out of 3 (https://github.com/gnosis/MultiSigWallet ), and all the owners of these multi-signatures are three hardware wallets.

This wallet can update our Digibytes altcoin, as well as expand functionality with the help of superoperators.

As for the payment methods, if the user wishes to pay using:

With an ETH-20-based token, it will be processed by a smart contract on the chain, and the user will receive Digibytes directly into their wallet And/or BTC, credit card or fiat payment, then will be processed by a third-party service trading solution, and after confirmation Digibytes may be released.

Our goal is to develop a project, the main asset of which will be its community. After receiving our NFT, each participant will have the opportunity to enter the game and receive real bonuses, thereby they will be able to influence the project and its economy.

Your opinion is important to us! With it, we can correctly implement new developments, such as new forms of flora and fauna in the game, new mechanics and locations.

Economy in the game

In the Digital.Golems game, we actively use the principle of "Play to earn".

  • Develop the economy of the universe and make your Golem stronger so that it approves itself in the game.
  • Make your Golem stronger by using various items that you will find in the big universe of the game.
  • Challenge other participants, earn individual Golem assettes of high value.
  • Use resources and in-game items to increase your chances of mining Golems, from which in the future you will be able to collect full-fledged NFT special series.

The rapidly developing crypto economy has already turned the game development in favor of global participation in the decentralization of society.

With the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi) and many other technologies, there are opportunities for a new model of game monetization and co-ownership, where gamers really own the progress and the result of their activity. Instead of the traditional model where gamers pay companies to deliver entertainment, the revenue generated from the game is redistributed between players, rewarding everyone for their contribution and making it possible to play for the sake of earning.

Digital.Golems is planned as a long-term ecosystem in which each player will be able to participate as a shareholder and receive fair remuneration. The decentralized economy in the game is built on next components:

  1. DIG NFT being a game character
  2. Game items and resources
  3. Assets from which the Golem is assembled (NFT)
  4. Digibyte as game currency

User Behavior Scenario:

  1. The user receives NFT (through purchase or drawing) and enters the game using NFT as a key and as their Avatar
  2. Buys the goods that necessary to start the session in the game in the in-game store
  3. During the session, they get additional goods (resources and items), as well as assets
  4. From enough assets, a user in the laboratory can create a new Golem (the creation of a Golem is part of the NFT emission and is considered in their total balance)
Digital.Golems User Behavior Scenario

In addition, players will be able to acquire assets and rent land for the placement of their assets. Assets must be created from materials collected all over the world map or for in-game currency Digibytes.

Benefits of future iterations

Digital.Golems pinning service

Our plan includes creating our own servers for pinning all file assets associated with Digital.Golems, which prevents their complete removal from the IPFS distribution.

Trying to preserve the ecosystem of the game through decentralization, we can even allow all members of the community to host a server and upload a copy of it. When an asset is changed or updated, a new copy of the asset's properties is created. The history of each transaction will retain its traceability, since the asset's past data will never disappear.

Decentralized organization

The part of our idea is to make Digital.Golems truly decentralized in technology, economy and power. The community is encouraged to commit to managing the future of the game and receive appropriate remuneration.

However, this approach should be treated with caution, and the transition will be carried out in stages, since what we are doing is still a new and unexplored topic that remains untouched by many people. Therefore, our approach will be updated from time to time as the community grows.

In the future, our Digibytes altcoin will allow holders to participate in platform management decisions using the DAO structure. They can use their right to vote on key issues in the creation of content and updates of the game and determine the priority of functions in the roadmap of the platform.

Digibyte owners can vote themselves or delegate the right to vote to other players of their choice.

We look forward to interacting with the communities of other NFT games and sharing voting rights with them. In order to encourage collaboration between games and perhaps even the interaction of NFT assets between games and the market, we would like to invite key players!

Reduced transaction fees

In the future, we plan to introduce our own service with EVM capabilities and compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain network. This will allow players to save and update their in-game assets, including Golem assets, without paying a commission at every step.

The Digital.Golems team is considering second-level solutions (which use the Ethereum main chain as a security anchor) - now they are not yet ready for implementation or have not reached the production stage so that we can reliably integrate them. We will closely monitor technical progress in this area and decide to integrate a solution that combines the best benefits for our product, usage scenario and users in order to minimize transaction fees.

Game overview

We offer a unique gaming experience based on a decentralized economy.

Digital.Golems is a third-person game with a top view where the main character is your NFT.

Each player will be able to control their own hero-Golem, and during the game get new Golems with unique characteristics. To get assets and create your Golem from scratch, you need to be not only a skilled player, but also think strategically.

Game structure

  • Starting page
    • Inventory (with category menu)
    • Shop (with category menu)
    • Cards (NFTs)
  • The game page
    • Choosing a landing point (choosing a free module)
    • The window of the game itself
  • Duels
  • Laboratory
    • Combination section
    • Cards

Async. Multiplayer

  • The gameplay takes place on the company's internal servers.
  • Creating your own servers is not available.
  • Users see other players as objects with which they cannot interact directly, only indirectly through notes, activities, duels and construction.
  • If 2 players collide in the game, their modules stop, and the game offers them to arrange a duel (1 time per session, at the next meetings, these players can no longer start duels).

Locations of the game

Nighterra is an entire planet recreated digitally. There are a lot of biomes on it that have unique properties.

Game Mechanics

DIG is an interactive game with elements of exploration, survival, crafting and fighting. Each DIG card is a part of the game universe. DIG mechanics reward each player based on their efforts and skills in the game.

The main mechanics in the game are:

  • Map exploration
  • Catching assets for NFT
  • Collective construction
  • Land lease for farming
  • Resource collection
  • Crafting unique NFTs
  • Duels
  • Social activities

Gaming experience

The gameplay on the new Digital.Golems platform will be launched through several intermediate stages, each of which includes increasingly complex functions. After the launch of the alpha version, players will be able to make transactions and store their digital assets, as well as play and interact with other players from all over the world.

We expect that a wide variety of audiences will enjoy not only the gameplay itself, but also the real bonuses that it can give:

A social experience

Asynchronous multiplayer and common game elements in the store will allow users to contact with each other enough not to interfere with each other's play.

The "signals" system will allow players to exchange simple messages and emotions without having to know the language of a particular player's country.

These types of experiences can attract communities of new people who spend time for activities that combine social and gaming elements.

The Creator's Experience

The experience of creating new Golems in the lab is ideal for creators who can create and make new NFTs. The creators will be able to facilitate an interesting experience not only for themselves, but also for the community, because they will enrich the NFT collection with their art.

Builder's experience

Each player has a set of tools that allows them to supplement or change the game map. Mutual buildings will create a feeling of working on a common cause, which will increase the involvement of players in the world and add a general positive to the game process.

All these tools and mechanisms can interact with the landscape, change it, customize it, or even completely destroy it.

Exploration and Adventure

Unlike many NFT game projects, the Digital.Golems game world has a full Lore and even the ending of the story with its final destination, which will appear on the map at the time of sale of a certain number of NFT.

* You can read more about the game on a special section of the project's website!


Using the Unity engine will allow us in one of the future iterations of the project to implement the extraction of game resources (including assets for Golems) in the form of augmented reality (AR).


We see this mechanism similar to the mechanics of PokemonGo, only in our case the player places traps and focuses on the vector of movement of the psychosphere.

Static and dynamic objects of the game will be placed in a random order on the real locations of your cities (in places that are safe for catching).

The collected and caught resources will be synchronized in real time with your profile and will immediately appear in the inventory, which will be common for both the browser and AR versions of the game.

Technical implementation

The logic of the platform

The architecture of the Digital.Golems platform consists of several components.

  • We use the Ethereum blockchain network to issue NFT and organize transactions of our Digibytes altcon.
  • From the point of view of classic web development, we have a traditional backend running in the cloud (currently using AWS) and supporting the frontend of the site and the game.
  • After minting, our backend releases DIG.NFT on IPFS so that it becomes public.
  • Our smart contract records the hash of the NFT, so that the token owner will always be able to prove ownership of the issued card number recorded in the blockchain.


In order to establish the relevance of our model, we have developed an approach that guarantees that the success of Digital.Golems will bring value to the token.

The basis of this model was a smart-contracts, which stipulates that the income received through the platform will be distributed among all interested parties to support the ecosystem of creators and players, as well as to provide the resources necessary for market growth and the development of high-quality gaming experience.

Our efforts are aimed at prioritizing accessibility and decentralization. We decided to start this path with NFT and gaming based on Ethereum blockchain network, which, in our opinion, will be more affordable and acceptable for many.

Blockchain technology is used to register ownership rights to tokens and allows owners to transfer/sell/use them without restrictions. IPFS is used to store the actual digital asset and ensures that the asset cannot be changed without the owner's permission.

Two different blockchain protocols will be integrated into the Digital.Golems gaming stack:

  • ETH-20 for the Digibytes altcoin; and
  • ETH-721 for storage and trade of NFT

List of contracts

  • Contracts for Digibytes token with the ticker DBT and NFT with the ticker DIG
  • DBT and DIG presale contracts
  • The contract for the main functionality of the game
  • Rental contract for DIG
  • DBT staking contract
  • Contract for decentralized exchange and pharming

Assets are stored in IPFS

Decentralization is achieved by storing files and data in the IPFS system, which provides content using a peer-to-peer distributed storage method. Consequently, files stored in the public domain are subject to garbage collection, which deletes the file after a period of inactivity.

IPFS pinning services allow you to mark content as available even after a period of inactivity, redistributing the file.

Randomization via RNG Oracle

The security of NFT coinage is important to preserve the value of the entire set of tokens.

When DIG NFT is acquired as a result of sales, mathematically correct generation of random numbers with anti-hacking protection is required.

Traditionally, random numbers are difficult to generate from within the blockchain, since the parameters from within are usually deterministic and predictable. Oracle is needed to replenish additional random sources.

Game engine

We have developed our own D.Engine game engine on top of the Unity engine.

Our engine uses the capabilities of the news tack Unit Data Oriented TechStack (aka DOTS), making extensive use of the Entity Component System (ECS) and the task system.

Thanks to the use of Unity's new universal rendering Pipeline (URP), we can support mobile platforms in the future without sacrificing the rendering quality of our game for desktop platforms.


We conducted a Security Audit of Digital.Golems tokens through Callisto services https://callisto.network and Certik https://www.certik.io/products/security-audit/

{Conclusion in Progress}


Payment security

The Digital.Golems trading platform relies on the security of Ethereum blockchain network to operate its smart contracts. The only wallet that can affect the logic of our smart contract is our multi-signature wallet, which uses a gnosisMultiSig wallet supported by three hardware wallets.

On our backend, we manage a database in which smart contract events are cached to track ownership rights. Our backend also stores temporary assets. From this side, its responsibility is minimal.

As for the hot wallet for fiat payments, we have developed a daily automatic replenishment to ensure the availability of a minimum number of tokens, which minimizes the consequences of violations.

Anti - cheat

There are several common ways to abuse the game that can undermine the enthusiasm of other members of the community for their own benefit.

To fight the use of a modified or fake client, we are considering methods for verifying responses from it and checking with the values recorded in the blockchain. All the math of the game is updated in real time and written to a distributed registry that cannot be faked.


Another problem is the introduction of bots with automatic farming, which, in our opinion, contradicts the purpose of the game and deprives it of pleasure. However, the mechanics of the game does not allow to write a working bot for it, ( too many variables change in real time and are mixed with other mechanisms).

Account security

The security of your account in the game is determined by the security of your crypto wallet. At the initial stage, players will be able to interact with Digital.Golems using MetaMask. To play the game at no extra cost, it will be enough for players to register their NFT on the game servers. The system will then perform the authentication process.

Argumentation of technology

Why do we use blockchain? Because - Centralization Means Vulnerability.

True ownership

Ownership is not related to the game; and Creative authorship is unshakable.


Reducing the chance of fraud due to blockchain accounting technology.

Decentralized trading

Blockchain allows users to share assets for collaboration; and Peer-to-peer trading.

Why do we use Ethereum blockchain network?

Ease of use

Ethereum blockchain network was created with flexibility, which is ideal for our token use case. Ethereum blockchain also has the largest number of developers, which allows you to use established standards, best practices and support;


To date, this is one of the most reliable blockchain protocols: its widespread use makes the network verified by many and, therefore, more secure.


Ethereum blockchain network is a base layer protocol via which all applications can interact with each other.


Ethereum network is a blockchain that has been tested by thousands of apps and developers for strength and offers a large ecosystem, resources and support from developers. With the help of the current system, we can offer an excellent experience on Ethereum for users who do not use cryptocurrency.


We are a multicultural team of crypto enthusiasts and practicing IT specialists with many years of experience in creating startups and computer games.

Each of us is a dreamer who wants to recreate a new reality in the world of Digital.Golems. We can't live without achieving more and more new goals, and now it's crypto economics and game design. Our extensive experience in the gaming industry, experience in product development, starting with design and ending with the final stages of testing, helps us in this.

We are actively working to expand our team of professionals in the field of games, communications, design and marketing.

Today we have outstanding resources and have an impeccable reputation. Our team has a long-term vision, a clear understanding of what heights the game can reach. Our specialists can make reliable forecasts, as they have experience in creating successful projects based on blockchain technology and have also worked in the best financial and consulting organizations. Digital.Golems is not a game made by single person. This is the result of the work of many talented specialists who have worked through the universe of Golems to the smallest detail. You can chat with the founders on our Discord and Twitter.

There are tasks ahead that require careful planning and making many decisions. Striving to find a long-term solution and weighing every opportunity, we look forward to contributing to the creation of more community-driven platforms for NFT games in the market!

We are available for communication on our channels:


The obvious advantages of the project's economy and its potential for growth have already attracted not only users to it, but also partners, including:

We are always open to constructive dialogue with potential partners, so if you have ideas for cooperation, do not hesitate and write us on our social media channels!

Project roadmap

We have a powerful product roadmap ahead and the best team to implement a clear vision for creating an original virtual world gaming platform where players can create own and monetize their gaming experience.

Season 1

  • Idea evaluation
  • Study
  • Attraction of advisers
  • Planning
  • Building a development team

Season 2

  • Website creation
  • Creation of NFT cards
  • Preparation of technical documentation

Season 3

  • Launch of social media channels
  • Website launch
  • Opening the white-paper
  • Development of smart-contracts
  • Smart-contracts audit
  • Attracting partners

Season 4

  • Fundraising
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • IDO Open Sale for Digibytes
  • Solidity Finance audit

Season 5

  • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • NFT lottery program
  • Game development - 1st stage

Season 6

  • Launch of a marketing company in the USA and Europe
  • Selling NFTs in the Secondary Markets
  • Initial quality control and testing of the game

Season 7

  • Development, audit and launch of your own NFT marketplace
  • Alpha game release

Season 8

  • Creation of new game locations, mechanics and activities
  • Development of a version of the game for AR
  • Creation of SDK and API for the implementation of the Golem Ecosystem
  • Implementation of images and project locations in MetaVerse

Frequently Asked Questions

Is each Golem unique?

Yes, all NFTs will have unique properties. Originality is guaranteed by the code on the backend, which eliminates the risk of cloning.

When will Digital.Golems launch?

The exact launch date will be clarified towards the end of development. We invite you to join our Discord and Twitter for news and updates.

Where can I buy Digital.Golems?

All Digital.Golems can be purchased from https://golems.digital on the internal marketplace or via Presale companies on Whitelist.

How to buy DIG NFT?

Install MetaMask and connect it on our website, then you will be able to participate in social lottery and make a purchase.

How many NFTs will be generated?

Total = 10,000 NFTs.

* All NFTs that are not purchased will be burned

How Digital.Golems created?

At first, the characters were developed by our artists in digital format, then each picture is assembled using artificial intelligence.

We also provided for the possibility of users creating their own Golems in the game itself, into which all the assets drawn by the artists have already been loaded, and which will be replenished over time.

What is Digital.Golems series?

At the moment, we have provided for several series of golems that are directly related to the history of the game world and which have a value directly related to the rarity of the assets used in the assembly.

How much Digital.Golems cost?

NFTs will be sold in 3 stages, each with its own token value

  • Private Sale = 0.3 ETH
  • Public Sale 1 = 0.5 ETH
  • Public Sale 2 = 0.9 ETH
* Exact numbers will be announced closer to launch.

How are the NFTs allocated at the time of release?

The mechanism and distribution shares are fully described in the Tokenomics section on the website and in our WhitePaper.

What is assets?

The asset is an integral part of the Golem image on the card. This can be an arm, a leg, a claw, a wing, a specific head, or an accessory. Assets are scattered throughout the game for players to craft their own cards, and also participate in the generation of unique NFTs using artificial intelligence.

How many asset combinations are there?

Taking into account the number of variants of each of the assets and from the places of the application on the card, we get millions of unique combinations.

Why Ethereum blockchain network?

Because we regard this project as actively developing and promising. Our team shares the ideas of the developers. We also appreciate the low fee charges in this system.

What is transaction fee?

This is the amount you pay to have your transfer verified and confirmed by miners of Ethereum blockchain network.

Which wallet do you think is the best to use?

We recommend using the MetaMask wallet.

What else can I spend Digibytes on?

At the moment, we plan to use our altcoin only within the platform for in-game purchases and DBT staking to receive DIG NFTs. In the future, the coin will be available on third-party exchanges.

How do I find my transaction hash?

DIG staff often requires a "transaction hash" from etherscan.io to troubleshoot support issues. Transaction hashes are unique IDs recording each transaction on the blockchain, this includes NFT purchases, sales or even cancelling orders. All fees paid will generate a transaction hash.

Will you support the project after the minting is completed?

Of course, we have many plans that await their time. To tune yourself with them, check out our roadmap.

Do you donate to non-profit companies?

Yes. We donate 10 ETH to educational programs for children in disadvantaged countries. Each such translation is completely transparent.

Still have questions? We are available for communication on our channels:

Referral system

Social activity

We regularly monitor the activity of members of our communities and are ready to offer real bonuses to especially active members of our channels who write reviews, repost and invite members.

All this activity is monitored through a social widget from gleam.io.


Get NFT for holding DBT coins. We guarantee regular payments to all investors in Digibytes for an amount equal to or more than $5000 at the time of purchase.

* If the holder removes coins from the steak before the time there will be charged a penalty of 20% of the total number of coins added to the hold.

Special conditions

We are ready to provide special conditions to influential people who wish to help us. To discuss these conditions, please contact us through any of our social communication channels.

We are available for communication on our channels:


We offer a unique gaming experience based on a decentralized economy.

Digital.Golems is a game with NFT as playable character. We offer users a virtual world where they can create, own and monetize their gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain using Digibytes, the platform's service altcoin.

Digital.Golems is a decentralized gaming universe where anyone can earn crypto-values by playing a game, competing with other players or just explore a fantastic world full of secrets and riddles.

Each player can control their own hero-Golem, and during the game get new NFT Golems with a unique look and game characteristics.

Gamers can buy or sell their NFT cards at third-party auctions.

Discover the world of creative and rare digital works of art, create unique tokens by playing the game, sell or buy NFT on popular marketplaces.