Digital Golems is a decentralized gaming universe where anyone can earn crypto-values by playing a game.

Each player can control their own Golem character and get new NFT Golems with unique looks and game characteristics during the game. Gamers can buy or sell their NFT cards at third-party auctions.

General info

The game is a browser-based multi-user platform where players can find and catch game elements (psychospheres) on the map, from which they can later collect game characters - Golems (NFT cards).

Player is an operator, a pilot! When Nighterra end the radio silence, there began a fever for the extraction of unique artifacts of the world that lies beyond the stars, but which can be reached by the hand of an operator-controlled Golem.

Noticing a moving light on the radar, the player puts a trap on the map in the hope of catching a "psychosphere" with a unique artifact - a code with a drawing of unique assets for Golems. Each Golem is a unique character with its own set of real characteristics, on which depend its activity in the game.

Game mechanics

DIG is an interactive game with elements of exploration, survival, crafting and fighting. Each DIG card is a part of the game universe. DIG mechanics reward each player based on their efforts and skills in the game.

Exploring mechanics


Catching Psychospheres mechanics

Catching Psychospheres

Searching for new autofactories mechanics

Searching for new autofactories

Collective construction mechanics

Collective construction

Rent of hunting grounds mechanics

Rent of hunting grounds

Social activities (Signals) mechanics

Social activities (Signals)

Privatization and Protection of objects mechanics

Privatization and Protection of objects

Hacking objects on the map mechanics

Hacking objects on the map

Looting of automodules mechanics

Looting of automodules

Module repair mechanics

Module repair

PVP Duels mechanics

PVP Duels

PVP Duels mechanics

Gathering resources


A place where player Combining - mixing DNA codes from psychospheres and receive (or not) new Golems (NFT).

Making new Golems from assets mechanics

Making new Golems from assets

User can collect new characters (cards) from the found components and parts obtained as a result of duels and catching of psychospheres.

Contains of:

  • A set of cells where the user adds assets from the inventory
  • A vat where user adds a certain "Substrate (soil)"
  • A progress bar that shows readiness for the "combination" process, depending on how many cells and a vat are filled


Placing Golems in a nutrient flask, where for in-game currency user can buy the time that the Golem will soak in the flask, after that its characteristics grows.

There, when choosing a specific Golem and preservation time, there is an online calculator that shows what characteristics the Golem will have after the selected preservation time.

Time is bought for Digibytes, after this time the characteristics increase.

Preservation mechanics
Feeding Golems mechanics

Feeding Golems

Gradually, the characteristics of Golems decrease, and the player needs to feed them to return them to their original values. Food for golems is a resource - Lymph, which can be collected on the map or bought in the in-game store.

After each session of the game, the characteristics of the Golem used in this session will slightly decrease. Golem can be used for the next sessions, but its low values will make difficult some activities in the game.

Substrate (soil)

Environment / Soil / Substrate - the soil in which the psychosphere was trapped. After capturing each psychosphere adds to the inventory 25% of the amount of substrate required for crafting a new Golem.

Those. to create a Golem in the laboratory, the player needs to catch 4 psychospheres in the same soil.

In the inventory, this is a picture in the form of a quarter of a circle (like a piece of pie).

Collected parts of the substrate can be "stacked" in 1 "cake" then quantity is sufficient to create a Golem.

Three pilots in one module

You, as a player, can take up to 3 Golems in one Module. Each of which may have specific abilities that allow you to overcome certain obstacles during the exploration of Nighterra.

Module inside cabin 3 characters

There is no universal Golem that will allow you to overcome all the dangerous environments and obstacles of the map, so you need to plan your raid taking into account the qualities that your Golem pilots have.

Module repair

During operation, the module can be damaged by the environment. In this case, you can use Repair kits for modules.

The repair kit is taken with you into the module and can be applied right on the way.

Available in the in-game store and rarely in modules wandering around the map.

PVP Duels

  1. After the users have met, the game offers them to arrange a duel (while both players are on pause at this moment)
  2. If both players refused, they can safely leave and in further meetings the game will no longer offer these players a duel until the next session in the game
  3. If only one of them refused, then after both voted, the game will require the one who refused to pay off with the internal currency
  4. If both have agreed, then the duel begins
  5. The duel consists of 2 characters with a set of cells on each: On the left is the player's puppet

    On the right is the opponent's puppet

    In the middle is a randomizer in the form of cubes (in the form of 2 crystals)

    The player marks their puppets areas that they protects with blocks (each time throwing dice to get protection points)

    They marks the enemy puppets body areas they attacks (also throwing dice every time to get attack points)

    There are only 7 cells in each puppet, 6 in a circle and 1 in the center of it

  6. It is necessary to provide that the system of duels in the future may become more complicated in the form of additional cells or effects superimposed on top of randomizer points
  7. The winner is the one who eventually received less damage after 1 or more rounds than they inflicted on the opponent
  8. After the victory, the defeated character is divided into assets and gets into the player's laboratory
  9. Duel statistics are displayed on the home page in the table form

Catching Psychospheres

  1. The moment when the object "a sphere" enters the radar range, the player sees its movement on the radar (the vector is determined by the "tail" of the movement (like a comet, only in our case with a dotted line)
  2. The sphere moves in its layer, which is visible only on the radar, the player does not see it on the landscape.
  3. Having calculated the approximate place where the sphere will be in the next instant, the player can put a trap on the landscape and if the trajectory of the sphere falls into it, it is assumed that the player has caught the sphere, after which the trap with the sphere is displayed in the player's upper left corner next to the empty traps.
  4. All spheres on the map move at different speeds.
  5. There should be a lot of spheres on the map, but the player should not meet them often.
  6. Spheres should move randomly on the map (it is possible to come up with some algorithm when spheres ricochet about elements invisible to the player on the map).
  7. Spheres can pass by map elements that are impassable for the player (water, stones) because they move in a different plane).
  8. After the end of the session, the sphere is displayed in the laboratory inventory.
  9. Together with the sphere, the player receives the "substrate" - the land in the biome of which he caught the sphere (for example, sand, black soil, clay, ash, etc.).

Resources and their collection

The cosmic distances to Nighterra don’t allow receiving physical cargo from it, but instead this unexplored planet is a source of a more valuable resource - knowledge, so necessary for humanity right now - in the age of loss and decline.

Knowledge is obtained by earthlings through a signal from Nighterra in the form of a program code that was deciphered by Earth specialists quite recently. The carrier of the code from Nighterra is the Psychosphere - an intangible moving object that is registered only by the devices of the search modules.

In addition to the spheres, the Golems analyze and send information about the resources founded on the map. Their chemical composition and physical properties are transmitted in the form of a code.

Resources available on the map:



is food for Golems, that restoring their original characteristics. Extracted by finding a cacoons in web of Fangfoots and nocking down them with the module as it moves.



is a nanomaterial from which Golems are built. It is present as impurities in different biomes, mostly in black soil. It is extracted by excavation (soil development) by clicking on a specific button on the game page.

Flaurum (Quantum Gel)

Flaurum (Quantum Gel)

is a precious mineral that is used to increase the performance of computers. "Growing" in complete darkness and the atmosphere of the planet.



are cells with an electric charge used for the operation of lanterns and other activities. They can be found in ruins and remnants of old equipment.

Non-purchased resources

Old models

You can sometimes find on the map the skeleton of one of the old models of Golems released and working even before the blackout, if you add some resources to such a skeleton, you get a full-fledged Golem of high rarity.

Skulls of the unknown

After collecting the skulls of unknown animals on the map, you can use them as assets and create unique Golems with mask as Skull


  1. The gameplay takes place on the company's internal servers.
  2. Creating your own servers is not available.
  3. Users see other players as objects with which they cannot interact directly, only indirectly through notes, activities, duels and construction.
  4. If 2 players meet in the game, their modules stop, and the game offers them to arrange a duel (1 time per session, at the next meetings, these players can no longer start duels)


Using the Unity engine will allow us in one of the future iterations of the project to port game resources (including assets for Golems) to the version of augmented reality (AR) via Vuforia Engine

We see this mechanism similar to the mechanics of PokemonGo, only in our case the player places traps and focuses on the vector of movement of the psychospheres.

Static and dynamic objects of the game will be placed in a random order on the real locations of your cities (in places that are safe for catching).

The collected and caught resources will be synchronized in real time with your profile and will immediately appear in the inventory, which will be common for both the browser and AR versions of the game.

Golems Cards

Depending on the series, each golem may have its own characteristics and special abilities. The rarer the series, the higher the character's stats and the more special abilities available to the player.

Second characteristics, if the random number is greater than 5, then True, if less, then false, The rest are boolean


  • Flashlight Length on the landscape

  • Movement Speed

  • Energy Consumption rate

  • Radius of Trap

  • Radius of Snare

  • Size of Radar

  • Jump Height


  • Ability to Passing Sand

  • Possibility of Passing Water

  • Possibility of Passing Fire

  • Possibility of Passing Acid

Environmental resistance

  • Resistance to Gas

  • Resistance to Corrosion

  • Resistance to Electrical anomalies

  • Resistance to Freasing

  • Resistance to Heat

Extra abilities

  • Sees the Mines of other users

  • Sees the Traps of other users

  • Hacking of Structures

* cards may get new properties

Clans mechanics

The online clan system allows players to unite in groups and gain an advantage in the game.

Players join clans as a specific character and cannot switch between their NFTs within a clan.

Clan size starts from 5 players and cannot exceed 50.

The clan has a founder and at the time of founding it is he who is responsible for the design of the clan (its logo), its rules, management of members and the base.

To create a clan, its founder must create a base on a suitable part of the map, after which other players can join it.

Clan voting

Within the clan, everyone can start voting on a limited type of issue, including:

  • Making a clan
  • Head of the clan
  • Clan rules
  • Removing from clan
  • Accepting into clan
  • Declared affiliation

Clan affiliation

If desired, clan members can choose the activities of the clan from the activities in the game. Among the directions of clans you can choose:

  • Hunters
    (collecting resources from the fauna of Nighterra)
  • Marauders
    (looting old and abandoned buildings)
  • Raiders
    (specialize in sieges of clan bases)
  • Pirates
    (attack modules of other players and automodules)
  • Gatherers
    (specialize in collecting resources)
  • Merchants
    (organization of markets and trade within them)
  • Guards
    (organize protection for resources, escort caravans and raids)
  • Mercenaries
    (participate in other people's sieges and attacks for a fee)
  • Cartographers
    (carry out map reconnaissance and sell coordinates for valuables and puzzle solutions to other players)

Clan bases

The clan base is a fenced area on the map of at least 4 towers and a Stella in the center. The stella is the main building of the base, as its safety affects the ownership of the base. Stella can only be created from a mineral collected from the ruins of ancient buildings. On the territory of the base, clan members can leave their modules and store resources. Each base has several slots for base defense accessories.


The goal of the siege is to destroy the central tower - Stella, which symbolizes the ownership of the base and then, depending on the situation, knock out enemy modules from the territory of the base and place your own Stella. At the same time, all the resources collected on this base remain in the possession of the new owners.

Base defenses tools

  • MoatMoat (Anti-siege building) - A pit around the base that can be filled with acid.
  • TowerTower (auxiliary building) - Automatic defense structure inside the base. Acts automatically, consumes resources.
  • AmmunitionAmmunition (auxiliary building) - Serves as a source of ammunition for defensive weapons. On the surface it has an indicator that displays the remaining shells. Types of shells can be of several types depending on the tactics of the defending side.
  • SuppressorSuppressor (auxiliary building) - A defensive structure that jams the radars of everyone except clan members within a certain radius.
  • JerzyJerzy (Anti-siege building) - A defensive structure that does not allow you to go further. There are 2 types - stone and metal. Stone ones are very cheap, metal ones are more durable and expensive.
  • TeleportTeleport (auxiliary building) - Allows modules from the base to move a short distance outside of it. It can serve both for evacuation and for base defense tactics.

Base attack tools

  • WalkwaysWalkways (auxiliary building) - The besieging group of modules can cross the ditch with the help of temporary bridges.
  • CannonCannon (Attack guns) - Stationary siege weapon operating in automatic mode. Consumes resources. May be destroyed.
  • AmmunitionAmmunition (auxiliary building) - Serves as a source of ammo for siege weapons. On the surface it has an indicator that displays the remaining shells. Types of shells can be of several types, depending on the tactics of the attacking side.
  • TorpedoTorpedo (attack guns) - A slow but effective weapon that can breach a wall. Can be destroyed while moving.
  • TeleportTeleport (auxiliary building) - Allows modules from the base to move a short distance outside of it. It can serve both for evacuation and for base defense tactics.


Having met another player on the map, the user can offer them to create a joint in the form of a sequence of modules. In this case, energy consumption is reduced by 25%. The traps are summed up and remain in the control of the head module. The determination of the head module, as well as the distribution of resources collected by the caravan, occurs randomly, by throwing dice.

Collective construction

The crossings built earlier by someone remain for all the time and others can use them. Constructions build of Lymph and Ash and requires the energy consumption of the module (Electrons). Constructions are put on the map by analogy with the placement of a trap. Players can't break other’s buildings

Available constructions

  • Bridge section (connection of several sections is possible)
  • Descent down to 1 level (connection of several sections is possible)
  • Rise up to 1 level (connection of several sections is possible)

Privatization of autofactories

The user can claim the right to own an autofactory founded on the map and buy it at common auction.

  • Participants - All users
  • Owner - Centauri Corporation
  • Owning a factory allows you to run modules with golems in automatic mode: modules themselves move around the map and catch psychospheres and collect resources.
  • Important! On the real map, auto modules are not displayed, and their resources appear in the autofactory cabinet automatically, generated by the game code.

The Parts of the management of the autofactory, in addition to the production of modules , are Providing resources for them to work: Electrons + Lymph

Protection of autofactories

A privatized autofactory emits more heat and harmful emissions than a factory in passive mode, which causes a response from the fauna of the planet, which attacks the structure with waves. You can protect yourself from attacks by building protective structures in the form of ditches and fences under current (they are powered from the general power system of the autofactory).

  • Ditches
  • Fences
  • Electric fences
  • Mines
  • Turrets

At the same time, fauna attacks cannot destroy the autofactory, but in case of a successful raid, the player loses ownership of it and after a while (while the automatic systems restore the factory's mechanisms) can re-buy it at auction.

Economy in the game

  1. The user receives NFT (through purchase or drawing)
  2. Enters the game using NFT as a key and as their Avatar
  3. Buys the goods that necessary to start the session in the game in the in-game store
  4. During the session, they get additional goods (resources and items), as well as assets
  5. From enough assets, a user in the laboratory can create a new Golem (the creation of a Golem is part of the NFT emission and is considered in their total balance)

Gain services

The game provides a scholarship system, which is a referral link that gives limited access to a character/module/drone so that the Gain-master can upgrade someone else's character for in-game currency or contractual items.

It is part of the bulletin board functionality where users give quests to each other.

  1. The customer exposes his character
  2. Specify the level to which he needs to upgrade, the branch in which to gain and the allotted time
  3. Gain-master offers his services
  4. The customer agrees to this candidate or not
  5. After all conditions done the Gain-master receives a reward

Game store

Game Items

Means necessary or increasing the chances in the hunt for psychospheres and available in the game store.

  • Traps
  • Snares
  • Compass
  • Environment Detector
  • Baits (beacons)
  • Terraforming emitters
  • Boosters
  • Repair kits
  • Torches


A set of chips programmed with specific abilities.

  • Telekinetics
  • IHTIO transformation
  • ORNIO transformation
  • Hacker (level 1)
  • Heavyator
  • Impulse (level 1)
  • Impulse (level 2)
  • Meteodrone
  • Vibration shock
  • Increase in the hold

Discounts in the store

We plan to reward our players with regular promotions and discounts in the game store, timed to coincide with the holidays and project events.

Subscribe to channels of the project to stay tune with news and current discounts!

Starter kits

Kits available in the store, which immediately contain the necessary minimum to start the hunt. Includes:


Batteries for for a flashlight and other equipment

Traps and snares

Items for catching psychospheres

Substratum (soil)

Material for combining assets and creating Golems

Starter kits are sold with a 20% discount on the amount of their constituent items

Game items

Means necessary or increasing the chances in the hunt for psychospheres and available in the game store.


Used for catching psychospheres, Available in the play store


Similar to traps. Snares are placed on the map on the off-chance, and work all the time while the player is in session (they are cheaper than traps). Available in the play store.

Setting traps on the map without searching (Can be collected by other players)

Hidden traps (not seen by other players)

Baits (beacons)

Fixed structures installed as traps in a radius of action, which increases the chance of catching the psychosphere.

Starter kits

Kits available in the store, which immediately contain the necessary minimum to start the hunt.

Repair kits

To fix golems after or in-time of game session.


Creates points of light on the map in addition to the lantern. They are valid for a certain time. Equipped for the game session in the same way as traps.


A device, the activation of which allows you to display on a map the movements of psychospheres in the invisible layer of reality.

Explosive charge

An explosive device with a timer that allows excavations to be carried out using an explosion.

Terramorpher cleaner

A device that allows for maintenance of the terramorpher.


Environment elements scattered around the map and sold in the store, which temporarily increase the characteristics of the module


Temporary Radar Magnification


Temporary illumination of the entire visible field with the module


Temporary invisibility for other users


Temporary increase in movement speed

Bone powder

Increases all of the listed characteristics at once

Repeated usage of boosters adds time to those already activated.

All boosters are only available in the in-game store.

Augmentation of module

A set of chips programmed with specific abilities.

To gain an advantage over competitors in hunting and gathering resources, you can use protective equipment that can be used to equip your reconnaissance module.

Activation of a specific augmentation occurs through the connection and disconnection of certain wires from the card to the module on the screen with the game. The player with the mouse takes the plug of the wire from a particular augmentation from the available ones and connects it to the selected card. After that, this ability becomes available for the module.

All module augmentations are only available in the in-game store.

Types of augmentation:


Allows players to drag each other around the map if they fall within their line of sight

IHTIO transformation

Transforms the module into a waterfowl that moves very slowly on land, but swims quickly and deeply.

ORNIO transformation

Transforms the module into an aircraft that allows it to overcome various obstacles at the same height.

Hacker (level 1)

Allows you to collect items set by other users from the map (traps, snares, baits).


Increases the volume of the hold by a certain number of cells (can be installed indefinitely).

Impulse (level 1)

Illuminates the entire map for a while (part of the energy is spent at a time).

Impulse (level 2)

Along with highlighting the entire map, it also highlights certain active map elements (traps of other users, cave holes, etc.).


Allows you to see zones with different atmospheric phenomena in real time on a large map. (powered by the total energy of the module).

Vibration shock

It knocks out all connected augmentations from the enemy and the player will have to reconnect the necessary wires.

Increase in the hold

Expands the volume of the hold by a certain number of cells (can only be purchased up to a certain number of cells in the hold).

Default protection systems of the module

In the factory assembly of the module, there are already a number of built-in tools that can help the player get an advantage when moving around the map.

Spill oil

Poorly managed for some time


The enemy sticks for a while

Noise spores

Break the enemy's radar

Experience of a real expedition

The fact that the entire exploration of Nighterra takes place in absolute darkness with only one flashlight beam provides the player with a claustrophobic experience of immersion in an unknown world, where it is impossible to predict what will come at you next from the thick shadow of a hostile planet.

The whole world is strewn with interesting mysteries, dangerous traps, and creatures, and the fact that the loss of a golem as a playable character is irreversible if the module is damaged makes the stakes of the game as high as possible and the environment feels really dangerous. It depends only on you as a player how far you can go into the depths of the map and immerse yourself in zones with unique inhabitants and mechanics. Your tactics, complete with thoughtful equipment and weaponry of the module, will allow you to overtake your competitors and reveal the secrets of Nighterra by being the first to obtain its treasures.


Because the map is very extensive, it will be generated from a set of elements that make up specific biomes and landscapes, and also take into account that these assets will be added in the future.

The map is a multi-layered surface with a landscape. The map is divided into sectors, each consisting of a grid of hexes. A hex on the map is a functional cell and the entire map is built from their groups, single and active elements occupy one hex, larger objects and large map elements from 2 to 1000 hexagons. Visually, the map is a multi-layer plane with interactive and static objects. By default, the user moves on the surface (level 0).

Map levels

  • -2 - Deep caves, bottom of canyons, reservoirs
  • -1 - Shallow caves, bone-shaped psychosphere caves, craters, ditches and ruts, swamp
  • 0 - Planet surface (divided into biomes)
  • 1 - Small hills, small buildings and industrial facilities, rocky islands in the desert
  • 2 - Large hills
  • 3 - Mountains (impassable)

Features of the Map mechanics

  • By default, the entire map is hidden by darkness
  • Unlocked areas are displayed on the radar, but not on the play area
  • The play area opens only in the light of the module's flashlight
  • All users have one common card
  • The landscape of the map is generated automatically as new sections of the map are opened, while regardless of who opened this section, it is recorded in the general map for all users
  • The map is generated from predefined png or 3D elements, while it should be possible to add new elements when part of the map is already open
  • Depending on the biome, its land is a certain " Substrate (soil)" that is used to create new cards in the Laboratory

Irresistible environments

Types of environments on the map that cannot be defeated by any improvements, characteristics or items. The only way is to avoid them or wait out their duration.

Black fog - impervious to lantern light.

Hard Rains - add the effect of inertia when braking and cornering.

Light fields - blinding white spaces on the map (as if someone huge is floating under the very surface), in which the light of the lantern is not visible and is lost in the whiteness of the field.

Passable environments

The type of environment on the map that can be overcome using certain characteristics of the Golem card.

Poisonous clouds of gas - damage the module, wander around the map over time, becoming weaker
Corrosion - wind reducing the integrity of the module
Electrical anomalies - jam the radar (white noise instead of a map)

Large objects

Single non-interactive objects, usually with their own internal biome.


A square maze with high walls, passages in which severely limit the view.


One of the transitions from location to location, in which a strong wind is blowing.


A dome closed with a code with its own biome, after each entry into the dome, the biome in it is different.


A large silver disc half crookedly sticking out of the ground. The lights do not work in the shadow of the disk.


Surrounded by swamps. Entrance closed.


A large spherical pit in the desert that can be entered but not exited.


A large spherical pit in the desert that can be entered but not exited.