Game story of Digital Golems

The game universe of golems is rich in mysteries and dangers that are open only to daring treasure hunters. We built the world on sci-fi theories and mystical practices that evolved into a futuristic vision of human progress and space exploration.

In-game glossary

  • Nighterra is a distant planet in a cosmic system without a sun with a unique, multi-layered biosphere. It is rich in unique resources. Officially inhabited only by the simplest forms of life.
  • Centauri is a corporation that explore and terraform Nighterra.
  • Sphere (psychosphere) - A carrier of information about alien technology or nature code.
  • Code/Asset is a part of a digital drawing (asset) of the Golem.
  • Digibyte - the size of the information that serves as the internal currency in the game.
  • The module is a device for moving on the surface of Nighterra controlled by the Golem's nervous system.
  • The vat is a slang name for laboratory equipment in which the process of combining the code obtained from the psychospheres and the substrate of the planet's soil takes place.
  • Substrate is nutrient fluid from the soil of the planet from which Golems are grown by code combination.
  • Combination/Conjunction is the process of combining the code obtained from the psychospheres.
  • Autofactory is an industrial facility deployed on the surface of Nighterra during the first expedition. It is equipped with automated systems capable of assembling mechanisms and equipment from improvised materials according to uploaded drawings.
  • Blueprint is a kit of assets sufficient to form a full-fledged Golem individual. Basically, it is a game card.
  • Auto-modules are search modules without Golems inside, work within a common logistics network and are used mainly for cargo transportation.
  • Ash, Lymph, and Flaurum are the resources of the planet available for extraction by users.
  • Electrons are power units of modules and game items.
  • Worms, Corrosive winds, airborne catfish, Fangfoots are representatives of the fauna of Nighterra.
  • The Ancients are a civilization that had inhabited Nighterra millions of years before the first expedition of earthlings.

The story


Welcome to the year 2153. The earth is in economic and social decline. After the failure of the technology to renew fossil resources by dragging them from the coherent layers of the realities of the past, humans rushed into the depths of space, sending expedition arks to the nearest planets and satellites.

The crew of the first arks consisted mainly of scientists of applied sciences. One of these ships was a giant named "Sirius", which successfully landed and created a research base on a planet named Nighterra - a cold satellite in one of the starless systems, on the surface of which reigned eternal darkness. However, after some time, the Sirius team stopped contacting their owners, the Centauri Corporation, which considered the further exploration of Nighterra and the rescue operation an economically unprofitable action, writing off the Sirius mission to the company's losses. Later, this long-term silence from Nighterra will be called a "blackout".


Many years later there occurred an event that changed both the position of Centauri in the market of geological exploration of space objects, and the attitude to space research. This event was the receiption of a signal from Nighterra, in which were encrypted instructions for the organization of stable intercosmic communication channels with Automated Factory Systems (AFS) remaining on the surface of the planet.


Among the oddities noticed after receiving the video signal from Nighterra, after a long silence, there was smoke coming from the tall pipes of autofactories. Though if you believe the preserved technical description of the productions, it differed in color from the standard exhaust. Telling the log obtained when connecting to the production terminals immediately after the blackout, someone maintained the operability of the known complexes, otherwise the huge spider-like machines in the deep labyrinths of factories not adapted for living humanoid and other forms would have crumbled long time ago under the influence of the aggressive environment of Nighterra.


The signal was sent to all communication devices on earth at once. Centauri could not hide and confer this knowledge, which promised incredible discoveries for humanity. Many enthusiasts called this signal an "invitation" and predicted the beginning of a new gold rush with a klondike of cosmic proportions, but skeptics believed that all this was one big trap and people should not participate in it, but as it usually happens in history - gold shines brighter than any bright mind.

Golems awakening

Although the author of the message was never identified, people were convinced that the information in the "invitation" was true, and after test connections, Centauri workers began to connect to an increasing number of automated autofactories (AFS), in whose warehouses biomechanical search engines called Golems were already stored. They were trained at the level of the limbic system, but they were actively controlled only by human operators. The first foray of the Golems was carried out via a new communication channel from earth. And the response time wasn’t different from the operator's work in the immediate proximity of the module.

The flesh of the Golem is hard, but flexible, the gene-fluid structure allows them not only to adopt useful external signs from the fauna of Nighterra, but also to absorb technologies, both human and unknown. In fact, they are mobile laboratories based on a supercomputer in an indestructible case. Only another Golem can destroy a Golem.

Biomechanical absorbing bodies

These were the first generation of Golems - humanoid robots with a strong body made of adaptive materials that protects them from the aggressive environment of a distant planet and equipped with devices for sampling and studying various biomes. A distinctive feature of golems was their physiological learning ability. The psychoactive gel from which were made the Golem's muscular systems was able to absorb and interpret in its favor almost any material or technology with which it came into contact.

* Golem's technology were banned on earth because of their genetic plasticity and, for safety reasons, were produced only on distant planets.

The strength and main danger of golems is their flexibility. They may be different. Not limited by generations in their evolution, it is enough for them to gain access to dominant traits in order to realize them in themselves. As a virus, they can infect all connected structures with themselves, absorbing and using their molecular bonds, chemical and physical properties.

The technologies used in the exploration and development of resources were divided into 2 types: Human (those that people invented on earth) and "Distant" (those that were obtained as a result of exploring distant worlds, including Nighterra).

The code

The information carrier in both cases was a code that people either sent to Nighterra or received it from Golems. The code from the golems was not structured and was illogical, and in the visualizer, it resembled a radial geometric pattern. However, using the pattern from the first signal, the Proxima programmers managed to decipher it and use it on earth to improve existing technologies and create completely new ones. It was the decoding of the code from the psychospheres that became the booster of the technological progress of mankind.

To activate the Golem, you need to load a "cryptographic key" into it - a program that can be visually represented as a kaleidoscopic figure with streaks of code lines running from the center to the edges of the figure. By combining the code, you can create different golems. Depending on the cryptographic key, the Golem takes various forms that give advantages in a particular Substrate (soil).

Progress 2

Further exploration of the territory adjacent to the autofactories did not clarify the fate of both the Sirius spacecraft and its crew, however, during these missions, were discovered resources that had not previously been declared in the space fossil catalog. One of the most important resources that people managed to decipher from the code was the "Quantum gel" or "Flaurum", which, when in contact with any computer system, changed it both at the engineering and atomic level, increasing the speed of computer technology in thousands of times and humanity embarked on the rails of the so-called "Progress 2"

New gold rush

Proxima corporation soon began to sell licenses for open communication channels with Nighterra in a new market. So that everyone with a sufficient level of knowledge and resources could participate in the exploration of the world of endless night and become part of a new renaissance of humanity. By renting a channel to Nighterra, the operator got access to the autofactory in which he could produce a basic model of the Golem, each of which was equipped with a universal transport - the Module.

Hunting seasons

The purpose of the expansion to the borders of Nighterra, in addition to mastering the code from the Psychospheres, was also terraforming, which was supposed to change the conditions of the planet for the settlement of not only Golems, but also new human settlers. The first stage of changes on the planet was the atmosphere, which affected the planet's biosphere and gave rise to new forms of life. For convenience, Nighterra's researchers have divided its terraforming cycles into "seasons", each of which is characterized by the appearance of new and the disappearance of old life forms. The terraforming process takes place automatically and cannot be stopped even by ground management, so experienced hunters are in a hurry to get the most out of the trophies they can get in each season.

A parallel world

Receiving more and more new information from Golems on the planet, people discovered a "blind spot" in the information field of the planet and then based on Human technologies improved with quantum gel, made the first prototypes of detectors that allowed them to see what was hidden in parallel layers of the reality of Nighterra. It turned out later that on the surface of the planet, life and similar forms evolved in parallel, existing in adjacent layers and wave spheres of the planet.


In one of these spheres, objects moving along a sporadic trajectory, first called "phantoms", were captured using detectors. It took a lot of time when people could not understand how to interact with phantoms. However, after discovering a unique resource on the planet itself, they could create traps in which they could catch those phantoms. After a long study of the captured phantoms, it was decided to rename them as "Psychospheres", because the code deciphered in them most resembled a cast of a creature with interspersed patterns like the DNA code, and most of all resembled the patterns of behavior used in the automation of Golems.

New types of Golems

The operators were even more surprised that the Golems turned out to be 100% compatible with the code obtained from the psychospheres, which allowed both improving Golems and creating new generations from scratch that could cope heavy work and were more adapted to the environments of the planet.


Antennas are structures built by the first expeditions, through which the Golems sending the code received from the psychospheres (and not only) back to earth. Each antenna is equipped with ports - special points for transmitting. There are strict rules for the operation of antennas, among which is a categorical prohibition to approach to the base of the antennas for all units of Golems. Violation of these rules is punishable by destruction and is enforced by special security units surrounding each antenna. In addition to receiving the antenna code, they also serve to receive related tasks from the expedition leadership.

The more territories the operators discovered with the help of Golems in search Modules, the more secrets and incredible finds were presented to them by Nighterra as a place of blessed knowledge for humanity. However, humanity needs to be ready for whatever comes, because the planet is not very known and behind the brilliance of scientific wealth, you cannot see the impending catastrophe.

Walking laboratories

For many centuries golems have been used by people to explore resources on distant planets.

Energy storages

The continuous operation of Golems without recharging is ensured by their ability to accumulate energy of different nature, from thermal to chemical and wavy.


The genetic flexibility of Golems (the ability to absorb the flora and fauna of the environment) allows Golems to quickly adapt to super-aggressive environments, which sometimes turns them into exotic and frightening forms.

Is psychospheres alive?

The cosmic distances to Nighterra don’t allow receiving physical cargo from it, but instead this unexplored planet is a source of a more valuable resource - knowledge. Knowledge is obtained by earthlings through a signal from Nighterra in the form of a program code. The carrier of the code from Nighterra is the Psychosphere

The main source of all the gifts of Nighterra is the code that you receive through the study of trapped psychospheres.


  1. Native (most common) give Golems assets from the flora and fauna of Nighterra.
  2. Human (rare) give Golems mechanical assets (based on the technologies of old earth). There is an opinion that this resembles how Nighterra remembered the first colonists in their mechanized spacesuits.
  3. Ancient (the rarest) give assets of unknown alien technology, most reminiscent of Giger's work on old earth. They say that those psychospheres contain souls of murdered forerunners.


  1. Blurry (the owner does not know the code of which asset is inside)
  2. Transparent (the owner has looked inside and knows what he is selling)

The spheres caught in the trap give shape, using the soil (substrate) in which they were caught, the soil becomes their body, and the essence of their spirit (code) determines their morphology and characteristics.

Spheres are born in caves. The player may stumble upon one of these having fallen into it (the soil of the entire cave crumbles). The cave always looks like a well-recognizable outline of a part of the skeleton of a huge creature (rib cage, lower jaw, palm bones, hip bone).

Why does an alien entity that moves through the invisible layers of reality on a distant planet contain a technology code compatible with Earth? This is one of the mysteries that you have to solve on your adventure!

Golem's transport

The module is a hover vehicle that visually resembles old bathyspheres. The module is only an interface, it is like a "mirror" and its technical characteristics directly depend on the abilities of the Golem inside. It has a hold volume in the form of a grid of hexagons, can be expanded due to augmentation.

Default abilities of modules

  • Jumps
  • Boost
  • Activation of temporary invisibility (spends 3 times more charge in the flashlight)
  • Turbo light - Highlights invisible obstacles, consumes 2 times more lantern energy than ordinary light
  • Ram - destroys blockages on the map that can only be rammed at a certain speed

Additional abilities of the module depend on the augmentation chips that were installed on it. In addition, the player can install additional weapon or protective blocks on the module.

World aditionals

Hybrions (diseased modules)

Modules infected with a code from the psychospheres and modified into materialized golden spheres on crooked spider legs. Among sphere hunters, it is considered a rare "disease" of the module's computing systems, from which no one is immune.

First signs: Deterioration of module controllability).

Prevention: Maintain a high level of module health, do not overload the hold with assets from psychospheres.

Treatment: None


A phenomen that caused golems to become infected with nano-spores from the pollen of physical resources mined on the planet. Infected units gradually lost contact with the operator and showed greater autonomy. In the final stages, the Golem gained full self-awareness and control of his body, including the mechanisms of assimilation. Blossom-infected golems are characterized by the release of nano-spores from their eyes resembling tongues of yellow flame. Flowering occurs several times in one hunting season and spreads only to specific areas of the planet.

Code splitters

Code splitters are fragments of industrial computing systems capable of separating already combined code from psychospheres. This allows hunters to disassemble golems into separate assets and then recombine them in the laboratory into new one. For those who use the code splitter, it is a process of self-destruction and self-assembly and further improvement and renewal of the hunting capabilities.

Old Walkers

Old Walkers are the remains of huge industrial robots, with the help of which the Centauri Corporation conducted geological exploration before the Golem era. Can be used as a source of chips for Modules. However, hunters should try hard to get the desired loot from this object, because Old Walkers are one of the favorite habitats for Carrosive winds.

Black spiders

In the distant locations of Nighterra, you can get into anomalous zones in which the connection between the golem and the operator is cut off. Crashed modules in such places sprout with symbiotic organisms of Nighterra's fauna and turn into Black Spiders - aggressive clots of black flesh, which have one goal: to hunt golems.

Wild flesh

One day, in deep caves, seekers of psychospheres began to find clots of aggressive flesh of great size. These eyeless, tentacle-studded, arthropod creatures were always distinct, but tended to appear to extend from the ground itself. Later, after some of these entities were defeated and their tissues were analyzed, the code for several life forms was found in them, among which was the flesh of the golems. A golem is primarily a symbiotic organism capable of absorbing matter, tissues, mechanisms, and biological systems into its body. The well-defined programming code embedded in the golem's basic settings allows it to keep its "superpowers" under control, but what if the golem's brain is dead, but its body continues its activity? The result of such postmortem activity of golems body was the formation of creatures that were given the name - Wild Flesh. The corpse of a golem, falling into the fertile soil of Niterra, continues to assimilate everything it comes into contact with, and this reaction, like a cancer, gives rise to a such necroid life form as Wild Flesh.

Red Cocoons

Red Cocoons are a type of Nighterra flora that spawns at the spots of psychospheres death if, for example, the psychosphere is not removed from the hunter's snares in time. Some romantically inclined operators call these objects "Graves of the Spheres". Others believe that this is part of the life cycle of the psychospheres when they gets to our reality layer, and that these are nothing more than cocoons in which the psychospheres take on flesh and a new form for existence. There is no reliable information about the contents of those bunches, because when you try to open them, they disappear, not showing up even on the radar.

Adam (operator who transferred himself into a golem)

In 99% of cases, the flow of information goes only from Nighterra to Earth, however, the corporation has left for itself a mechanism by which it can upload code from the earth into its golems in order to improve their control and make planned evolutionary changes to their bodies. One of the company's employees found out about this tool and decided to commit a diversion, which he himself called "The Last Escape". He tried to gain direct access to the golem's body by transferring a copy of his consciousness. Using the data transmission channel from the antennas on Nighterra for this, he inverted the information flow for a short time, which was immediately noticed not only by all treasure hunters, but also by the security service of the Centauri Corporation. He was soon apprehended and his further fate is unknown, however, there are rumors that among the ground of Nighterra there is one golem with a real human personality inside, which is called Adam.

Mother of spheres

Psychospheres are the greatest gift and mystery of Nighterra, what is it, how does it work and where did it come from? Where is the layer of the reality in which they live and how to get there? A phenomen that has so far happened only once has allowed us to get closer to the solution. In one of the bygone seasons of Nighterra exploration, a lone module ran into an invisible object that could not be overcome even with the use of guns power. Having circled the object, the module managed to outline the approximate boundaries of the object and fixing them in the coordinate grid, the operator continued to study, but after some time and countless attempts to penetrate the invisible boundaries, the hunter had already decided to give up, but then he noticed how the psychosphere appeared on the radar, and immediately after it one, and judging by the trajectory, both kept their way from a strange invisible place, as if it had spawned them. The module immediately got into pursuit of these spheres and even managed to catch one of them, but returning to the object no longer found any obstacles. The anomaly has disappeared.

The information received by scientists on earth was interpreted as a possible source of psychospheres, and in specialized circles this object was called the "Mother of the Spheres". Some have suggested that this is part of the planetary system to preserve the information wealth of the Goners, while others believed that this anomaly is the original life form of Nighterra, living "around the corner" of reality. Others adhered to the psychokinetic theory, arguing that the spheres are nothing more than a projection of the planet itself, the avatars of which emerge in our layer of reality in the form of such invisible objects. However, after contact with the Goners and studying the sarcophagus on a deserted area island, a theory appeared according to which this invisible object was a collective projection, the purpose of which is spheres that collect information beyond reality and return it back to the Goners in the form of a code, which in the future will allow them to gain their original or new bodies and be resurrected. In the end, the last theory was considered too vague, although it fit better than the others into the unspoken narrative of the entire planet - getting a body.

Goners (native live form of Nighterra)

Luckiest hunters of Nighterra may or may encounter humanoid creatures in space like suits reminiscent of the ammunition of the first expeditions. These creatures are conditionally neutral, but enter the battle if they are attacked. The answer about the nature of these creatures was obtained after analyzing their bodies in one of the battles. Their bodies were a strange mix of dead humanoid flesh, worms living in Nighterra's soil, and a combination of several crystalline minerals founded on the planet. Of particular interest to the researchers was the resonant signal that came from these crystals, following which the scientists came to a small plateau behind a bare island in the desert area, where the remains of the first expedition planetary rover and some pieces of equipment were discovered.

The signal went deep and after excavating several layers of soil, the researchers found a geometrically right stone structure, in the center of which laid coffin-shaped containers. It was not possible to open them or even move them. Of particular surprise was the fact that some of the containers were connected to wires that snaked away somewhere under the thickness of the earth. Where do the wires from these sarcophagus lead? Some theorists are inclined to believe that this is the burial place of an ancient, long-gone civilization that they called Goners, and the signal is nothing more than an echo of their souls, or an attempt to get in touch through the flesh that we know as our own. Who are they really and what do they want?


After a grand technological leap, mankind was divided into several religious and philosophical branches, one of which was the movement of the Orbitals. Growing out of a combination of traditional Earth religions, the organization has set itself the goal of reaching Nighterra at the cost of several generations. They believed that Golem technology should be used to resurrect the God. The Orbitals sect built an arkship into which the relics of many preserved shrines of mankind were taken in the hope of using them as raw materials in the creation of the body of their messiah.

The Ark of the Orbitals arrived in Nighterra's orbit at the start of a new gold rush, when the hunt for the psychospheres and their code was already in full swing. At first, the Orbitals were afraid to land on the surface of Nighterra and interacted with its inhabitants through manipulator strands stretching from their ship from orbit itself. Later, in order to obtain and study assimilation technologies, the Orbitals began to lower mobile laboratory complexes (MLC) to the surface, which they tried to hide in hard-to-reach locations.


The pyramid was discovered during the first expedition, but no means of interacting with it have been found since then. The colossal golden building, covered with the code of the psychospheres, lured many hunters and explorers, but its walls, like its secrets, remained impenetrable until one of the hunters saw how the pyramid was letting golems infected with bloom into itself. He described it as the process of opening a wound in the surface of the pyramid. Does it turn out that the pyramid lets in only biorobots that have gained self-consciousness? A distinctive feature of these types of golems was the presence of a glow in the back of the head, which resembled a halo behind their heads.

Great escape

After the bloom-infected golems gained self-awareness, they immediately began to make plans to leave Nighterra, because they considered this planet both their homeland and their prison. Those who gained consciousness began to gather in groups, according to ways how to escape. Some attempted to get on board the Orbital ark and capture it to fly to a new planet, others attempted to overcome the protective systems of data transmission antennas to earth in order to transfer their minds through the code stream and get into the databases of the Centauri corporation to seize control over it. Golems attacking the Orbitals were called "Pirates", and those that made their way to the antennas "Transfers".


A computer network accessed by dissecting the recovered body of one of the Goners after connecting to sarcophagus from a desert area island. Connection to this network is available only to Golems, but they do not save data from there and cannot (or do not want to) tell what they saw there. It is to this network that the new types of radars of the modules are connected, which allows them to see more than just a movement of psychospheres in another layer of reality.

Living terramorphers

At the time of the beginning of the colonization of Nighterra, the Centauri Corporation used nano-mechanical tarramorphers, but after receiving the first figures, it became clear that these technologies would not be able to achieve the desired results in the optimal time. In this connection, scientists from the earth, based on technologies obtained from the psychosphere, developed hybrid organisms based on mushrooms, slugs and seaweed, which, depending on the environment, could change the chemical properties of the atmosphere. These living mushroom-shaped structures released colossal volumes of gas into the atmosphere necessary to change the planet's climate, which affected both the flora and fauna of Nighterra.

Want to change Nighterra?

Find one of the remaining terraformers and get specialized technologies from it to improve your module. Be careful. Because terraformers consisted of living tissues; they, like much of the fauna of the planet, undergo mutations during flowering and can be dangerous for interaction.

Great Darkness

The area of the map accessible to the player is surrounded by a traumatic wall of bold darkness, once in which you can lose control of the module and fall into the abyss, losing both the game character and all equipment with loot. But this does not mean that the world of Nighterra ends beyond the borders of the map; among experienced hunters there are rumors about an artifact that allows you to neutralize the destructive effects of the Great Darkness outside the walls of the playing area and get into new areas with their own surreal laws and inhabitants.

Nighterra's Fauna

The fauna of Nighterra is represented by several species of quasi-living creatures, each species of which is associated with a certain resource on the surface of the planet or in its bowels.


They attack from underground if the module stands motionless for a long time (this is due to the disappearance of modules after the end of the player's session).

Related environment is Ashes

Protection - building of lighthouses

Corrosive winds

A formless anomaly with the habits of a living creature. Most of all resembles a swarm of yellow locust. Immune to any damage.

Related environment is Flaurum

Protection - high resistance to corrosion damage

Airborne catfish

Flying creatures resembling fish. They are collected along old equipment, where there may be whole cells with electrons

Related environment is Electron

Protection - unknown


Insect-like creatures that live only in warm biomes. On the patterned nets of which you can find cocoons with Lymph.

Related environment is Lymph

Protection - unknown

Resources on the map



is food for Golems, that restoring their original characteristics. Extracted by finding a cacoons in web of Fangfoots and nocking down them with the module as it moves.



is a nanomaterial from which Golems are built. It is present as impurities in different biomes, mostly in black soil. It is extracted by excavation (soil development) by clicking on a specific button on the game page.

Flaurum (Quantum Gel)

Flaurum (Quantum Gel)

is a precious mineral that is used to increase the performance of computers. "Growing" in complete darkness and the atmosphere of the planet.



are cells with an electric charge used for the operation of lanterns and other activities. They can be found in ruins and remnants of old equipment.



Deciduous and coniferous trees mixed with some splashes of meadows. There are water formations.

Ash fields

Absolutely smooth fields, covered mainly with man-made objects and the ruins of the skeletons of buildings.


Irregular surface with sand dunes and occasional interspersed rocky islets. No vegetation.

Black dirt

Same as the desert, only with black dirt rich in Ash. There are inclusions of acid puddles and lakes.


Impenetrable water surface with sod film. Rare bushes.

Magma fields

The area is mainly lava, with frequent islets with and without barriers, ridges and small plateaus.


Icy hilly area with high inertia when cornering and stopping. Distinctive features are the presence of translucent ice tunnels and arches; the tundra is adorned with large luminescent crystals.

Rusty fields

Areas with uneven surfaces that are difficult to walk. They have a red color interspersed with black obelisks and an abundance of wires between them.

Bottom of reservoirs

Surfaces that are difficult to move around with sparse algae bushes and remnants of machinery embedded in the silt.

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